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Protection for Stainless Steel

Whether in gastronomy, architecture or product design: stainless steel is one of the most popular materials for aesthetic surfaces and is available in a wide range of surface finishes and qualities. POLIFILM PROTECTION offers a range of protective films designed to protect each and every one.

Protective films prevent scratches and damage

Whether polished, sanded, blasted or ground, whether rough, 3D or high-gloss bright annealed (BA) finishes: the adhesive strength of a POLIFILM PROTECTION stainless steel protective film is always matched to the surface structure. It therefore provides reliable protection of the finished surface against scratches and damage throughout subsequent processing. These special deep-drawing films for stainless steel sheets can even withstand severe deformations. The latest laser protective films from POLIFILM PROTECTION can be used with both CO2 and fibre lasers and enable higher laser cutting speeds.

Stainless steel protective films improve productivity

At the same time, POLIFILM PROTECTION stainless steel protective films contribute to increased productivity: Printed arrows and stripes help to quickly identify the polished direction and protective films with “easy-peel” properties are faster to remove, thereby accelerating the process and improving productivity.

Protective films made from polyethylene - better for the environment 

POLIFILM PROTECTION stainless steel protective films are made from polyethylene (PE) which is less expensive than conventional materials but also significantly more environmentally friendly than PVC. They reduce the amount of oil and lubricant needed during production which reduces costs and increases profitability and helps the environment at the same time. 

The product range consists of transparent, translucent, white and black & white protective films in various thicknesses from 25µm to 120µm. Special gel free films are also available for decorative applications where optimal visual appearance is critical. 

Deep Drawing

Deep Drawing

Effective protection throughout production and beyond. POLIFILM PROTECTION offers solutions for every application. Light & Heavy deep drawing and process optimised Easy-Peel films for increased efficiency.

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