New protective film for artificial marble

Consistent, precisely controlled adhesion and up to six months UV protection, guaranteed

  • POLIFILM PROTECTION has developed a new type of protective film especially for artificial marble.
  • The film combines UV protection and high resilience with optimised adhesive properties.
  • The unique adhesive formulation prevents reaction with the surface that can cause unwanted increases in adhesive strength.
  • Thanks to the Easy-Peel effect the film can be quickly and easily removed requiring less force whilst leaving no residue

The protective films specialist POLIFILM PROTECTION has developed a new type of protective film especially for artificial marble. The film, just 26 µm thick, is transparent and offers consistent, optimal adhesion throughout its application life with the additional benefit that it can be removed easily afterwards without leaving any residue. This combination of properties makes it unique in the market.

The popularity of artificial marble in interior design continues to grow. Whether for kitchen worktops, bathroom shelves or windowsills, marble patterns look classic and stylish and create an appearance and feel of exclusivity – as long as their surfaces are immaculately presented. To protect the perfect appearance of these delicate surfaces until the installation works are complete manufacturers rely on protective films. 

POLIFILM PROTECTION has recently introduced a new high strength polyethylene film designed for this application. Although it is just 26 µm, it is particularly resistant to punctures and tearing and can withstand even high mechanical loads. It also provides the UV resistance and transparency customers seek. Its acrylic adhesive is resistant to humidity and is not affected by any residual moisture in the artificial marble.

Special adhesive system for artificial marble

POLIFILM PROTECTION has found the perfect solution to this particular material related challenge: As artificial marble surfaces are extremely smooth, it is essential to use an adhesive with a lower adhesive strength. However, because artificial marble surfaces have high surface tension, they undergo a chemical reaction with acrylic adhesives which can lead  to an unwanted increase in the adhesion of the film. If no preventative measures are taken the film becomes extremely difficult to remove without leaving any residue. 

No unwanted reaction between surface and adhesive 

POLIFILM PROTECTION has developed a formula which suppresses this chemical reaction and maintains the adhesive strength consistently at the desired level. The result: the film sticks reliably to the surface and thanks to the Easy-Peel effect can still be easily removed even after six months. The quicker it is removed, the less force is needed.

“This film is unique in the market and we are the only supplier to have succeeded in combining all the essential customer requirements in a single product”, explains Fulvio Camerini, Technical Director of the Italian production & development site of POLIFILM PROTECTION. “As a result it offers manufacturers rapid, seamless quality control and efficient processing without sacrificing UV protection, optimal removal characteristics or consistent, precisely controlled adhesive properties.”