POLIFILM - specialist lecture at “Stretch & Shrink Film 2017” in Miami

As the leading manufacturer of stretch films POLIFILM was represented at this year's "AMI Stretch & Shrink Film 2017" in Vienna, with a lecture in the area of stretch film development, with the title "Tailor-made stretch films for your stress reduction". Bastian Runkel, Managing Director of POLIFILM GmbH and Pierre Nollau, Application Engineer at POLIFILM EXTRUSION GmbH, will present the latest development results in the area of stretch films on 15 November as part of "AMI Stretch & Shrink Film 2017" in Miami.

These development results show that it is possible to manufacture a wide product range of very specific stretch films for securing load units, and it is therefore irrelevant whether one produces films with 11 layers, 13 layers or even 55 layers. With the same use of raw materials, with the same recipe and identical process parameters, even films with few layers have identical characteristics and achieve the same characteristic values as using films with a higher number of layers.

A wider and more specific product range of stretch films is required to serve the ever growing transport market with safe and sustainable solutions for securing loading units.

The lecture by Bastian Runkel and Pierre Nollau will take place on Wednesday 15.11.2017 at 1.40 p.m. local time at the Hilton Miami Downtown Hotel as part of "AMI Stretch & Shrink Film 2017".