Why Choose POLIFILM America ?

We can protect your products and your profits 

In today's highly competitive marketplace a premium has been placed on fit and finish. Aesthetics are oftentimes the deciding factor in the purchase decision. For that reason you invest heavily in a quality finish for your products. Rejected products can affect your bottom line in more ways than one. Yes, there are the costs of shipping and returns, re-working, scrap rate and down time. But there is also the cost of late deliveries, lost sales, customer dissatisfaction and your reputation.

We can protect the value you add

At POLIFILM we provide a complete line of products designed to prevent abrasion, marring, scratching, or staining of exposed surfaces during the manufacturing, finishing, assembly, and delivery cycles. We protect your critical surfaces; polished and painted metal, glass, plastic, laminates, carpet and floor coverings by providing value-engineered solutions to reduce rejects, minimize re-work and lower your cost of manufacturing.