Protection Films

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POLIFILM PROTECTION offers a wide and varied range of over 500 highly developed protection films.  Our specifically engineered components allow customised solutions for individual surface protection needs.

Polyethylene is used as the primary raw material for this type of protection film. However, for more specialised applications, other polyolefins, polyester or barrier films can be used as the carrier material.

Our cast co-extruded protective films use specialised components to create the adhesion properties, these can include TPOs, TPEs and MPEs. For other customer specific requirements, our POLIFILM PROTECTION product development team will create the right individual solution.

Our Surface Protection Film solutions include:

  • Surface protection film up to three meters wide
  • Established natural rubber adhesive produce in-house
  • Solvent-based and water-based acrylic adhesive systems
  • Co-extruded protective films with integrated adhesive layer
  • Special bonding systems including thermal laminate film and corona treated films
  • Customised printing and branding in multi-colours up to three meters wide
  • Over-laminated protective film with total abrasion resistance

POLIFILM PROTECTION is a leading manufacturer of surface protection films with over 40 successful years in the industry. As one of the largest and most experienced suppliers in the world, we have an extensive portfolio of products to suit any surface requirement.