Protection Films

Protection for Laminates

POLIFILM PROTECTION films have been used in this industry for many years, protecting a wide variety of decorative laminates.  Our films are used on the full range of surfaces offering protection from physical scratches, chemical spillage or handling marks during production processing, manufacturing and other associated operations. They are widely used in the furniture industry the world over.

Modern protective films can remain on the surface throughout the production process thereby saving the user unnecessary costs for additional processing steps. Customised printing provides additional benefits such as branding, company advertising, processing instructions and more. POLIFILM PROTECTION’s transparent films enable the protected surfaces to be inspected at any time thereby reducing waste and rectification costs. This type of optimised film protects a wide range of diverse ornamental surfaces.

Depending on the laminates surface gloss level, POLIFILM have solutions available with varying degrees of adhesive properties. For the protection of 2D and 3D formed laminates, POLIFILM PROTECTION also delivers the right solution, coated or coextruded. Our coextruded range for laminates consists of speciality engineered films using a multi-layer technique with adhesive properties built in.
Throughout the range of products from POLIFILM PROTECTION, we pride ourselves with our environmental responsibility. Our PE films are 100% recyclable and can be burnt without leaving any residues behind. Whenever possible, we make use of water-based adhesive systems whilst our coextruded range saves energy, time, and material content and in some cases, solvents.

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