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Protection for Plastic Sheets

Protecting plastic sheets is one of our cores strengths. Polycarbonate, PMMA, PVC to name a few. POLIFILM PROTECTION offers the market the most varied product range in this sector. Alongside our adhesive coated protective films, we have a wide range of co-extruded cast films where the film and the adhesive system are extruded in one step.

We deliver a variety of solutions for standard applications such as PMMA, ABS or PS-based sheets. Specialised applications are covered too! Thermoforming, vacuum moulding and specialised deep drawing processing are included, optical grades with the highest visual quality standards are covered.

Our protective films are used in all areas of plastic sheet production processing be it manual or automated processing or during manufacturing and other associated operations. Our highly engineered surface treatments can reduce dynamic friction, allowing customers quicker processing times.

Our protection films are regularly used in the application of signage and display and indoor and outdoor decorative presentations. Typical substrates include foamed PVC, PET and PETG with the additional process of digital printing.

We are proud to combine efficiency with environmental friendliness: Cutting edge High Strength films from POLIFILM PROTECTION reduce material content by more than 50%, providing significant cost efficiencies. Our co-extruded protective films are therefore an economical alternative to traditional coated products.

Additionally; our films are fully recyclable too, there is no need to remove the film prior to sheet recycling, and our film whilst applied to the sheet can be recycled together.

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