Protection for Stainless Steel

Laser Protection Films

Laser cutting of stainless steel is a quality critical process. That is why POLIFILM PROTECTION has developed laser protective films especially for this application, enabling high cutting performance and productivity whist maintaining optimal quality. These unique films also protect the engineered sheet throughout any subsequent processing steps whether using CO2 or fibre laser. 


Full control. For optimum process reliability and best results.

Our PF34C laser protective film is the first high-transparency protective film suitable for fibre lasers. It permits visual inspection at any time during the process preventing mistakes in sheet selection and thereby increasing production efficiency and reliability and reducing waste. Our PF34C films are best suited for stainless steel sheets, structured metals and coated or painted sheets. 

Advantages of PF34C laser protective films

  • High transparency for optimal visual inspection
  • Easy alignment of grain directions and patterns
  • Precision cutting, burr and carbon free edges
  • Optimised adhesion, no bubbling
  • Quick and clean removal
  • Multi-purpose – can also be used on CO2 lasers


Full performance. Optimum cutting quality at maximum speed.

Our PF84C laser protective films enable complete absorption of the laser irradiation. All the energy is transferred to the workpiece. Even with demanding cutting geometries, the fibre laser can operate at full speed and the workpiece and protective film can be cut in a single step without blistering due to the special film formulation. 

Advantages of PF84C laser protective films

  • High cutting quality without burrs or traces of carbon
  • Low contamination of the laser nozzle
  • Easily removed - leaves no residue and doesn’t tear
  • UV-resistant up to six months
  • Functional print
  • Can also be used on CO2 lasers