Agricultural Films

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POLIFILM provides films for the agricultural sector that as been proven a million times over. In this sector, individual requirements have been realised that ensure optimal utilisation of the harvest and higher yield.

POLIFILM agricultural films have been designed to attain the highest level of protection for silage. Some examples of use are in bunker silos or for baled silage. Using POLIFILM agricultural films here significantly and demonstrably reduces rotting.

POLIFILM provides customers with optimal formulas for select applications. The perpetual development of our products leads to continuously less complicated and more effective handling. At the same time, targeted improvement processes offer sustainable support of increased silage yield.

All-encompassing quality assurance and cutting-edge, redundant machinery guarantee excellent processing as well as agricultural film with a long life-span.

Responsibility for our environment: POLIFILM is one of the founding members of "ERDE" (EARTH) Recycling. After use, the films can be brought to collection points where they can find their way back into the resource cycle.