Excellence in Films

For a speedy implementation of customer specific requirements we offer our customers an individual application engineering support.


that´s what POLIFILM offers its customers in the African markets next to stretch and packaging films – made in GERMANY.
The portfolio that accompanies the customer from seeding over storage to harvest packaging, covers  silage films, agricultural- and breathable stretch films as well as greenhouse films and plant respectively fruit cover solutions.
Discover our entire agricultural range here.

Higher quality, higher harvest and protection of resources are mainstay of the company’s approach and realized by the creation of ideal micro-climate conditions. By influencing the mechanical film properties and adding additives, for example in form of UV filters, POLIFILM solutions can be individually adapted to the various requirements of their users. In this way, they help to boost plant growth and save water, for instance. All by 100% recyclability. Supplemented by expert consultancy services POLIFILM is the partner for farmers and traders who are looking for a reliable counterpart with economically well thought-out quality products.



Our state of the art manufacturing facilities enabling us to produce a protective film solution for almost every application.

Our core range of Surface Protection Films cover the following product and market sectors: stainless steel, aluminium, glass, pre-paint metals, automotive, plastic sheets, profiles, carpets and laminates.

Our finished products are either glue coated or co-extruded non-coated films in a thickness range of 20 to 120 microns. We coat our films using 1 of 3 alternative adhesives systems: Natural Rubber, Water based Emulsion or Solvent based Acrylic.

We are able to print our films up to 3 colours using either a generic design for directional purposes, or a customer's bespoke requirement for Corporate Branding, the choice is yours.