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Bio-based Protection Films

Environmental awareness is growing. Climate and environmental protection are becoming an increasingly important issue to people all over the world. Therefore, innovative, sustainable solutions are needed. 

Solutions like POLIFILM PROTECTION's bio-based protective films:

  • Our bio-based protective films make an important contribution to climate and resource protection.
  • We use a high proportion of renewable raw materials in their production and as a result they therefore have a very good climatic balance.
  • CO2 emissions are around 60 percent lower than those of comparable, conventional protective films. 
  • All this without compromising on surface protection.
  • These environmentally friendly protective films from POLIFILM PROTECTION assure excellent adhesive properties, high puncture, tensile and abrasion resistance whilst providing full UV protection.


The carrier films of POLIFILM PROTECTION‘s new generation of protective films consist of more than 85 percent bio-based polyethylene, also known as „Green PE“.

Green PE is obtained from renewable resources such as corn or sugar cane. These bio raw materials have already absorbed carbon dioxide from the air whilst growing. One ton of Green PE absorbs three tons of CO2!

Sustainable: Improved climate protection without compromise

With bio-based protective films you not only improve the climatic balance of the finished product but also benefit from the effortless integration into your processes, whilst enjoying the same mechanical properties of traditional protective films using fossil based raw materials.

Environmentally friendly: No additives - natural adhesive systems

POLIFILM PROTECTION do not use any additives in their new bio-based protective films. Depending on the application and surface requirements, their own unique water-based and environmentally friendly adhesive formulations based on natural rubber or acrylics can be used.

Recyclable: A second product life

Bio-based protective films from POLIFILM PROTECTION can be easily recycled. We lead by example at POLIFILM's Weißandt-Gölzau site where film waste from production is processed in-house into reusable plastic recyclate.




As a plastics processing company, we are aware of the effects we have on the environment and society and are aware of the resulting responsibilities. Our aim is to make a contribution to sustainable positive development where we can play a targeted role.

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