Protection for Stainless Steel

Easy-Peel Protection Films

Dependent on the process requirements sometimes stainless steel protective films that can be easily and quickly removed are essential. Therefore, POLIFILM PROTECTION has developed stainless steel protective films with Easy-Peel characteristics. These combine powerful surface protection with a customer-focused process solution.

Maximum process efficiency with innovative Easy-Peel properties

Quick and easy to remove protective films that leave no residue offer a significant advantage in processing – in particular, in a streamlined and automated production environment. That is why POLIFILM PROTECTION has developed special acrylic-based adhesive formulations. These give the protective film a unique characteristic: the faster they are removed, the less force is needed.

Unique removal characteristics

This Easy-Peel effect means these protective films are an innovative protection solution which make production line processes even more efficient and significantly cut production times. Even large areas and challenging component shapes can be stripped of the protective film in a matter of seconds. The combination of an optimised adhesive system and a highly tear-resistant carrier film also guarantees the unblemished appearance of the surface: these films can be removed reliably and cleanly, without leaving residues. As a result there is subsequently no need for costly finishing work. 

POLIFILM PROTECTION Easy-Peel protective films are perfectly suited to the requirements of different surface textures, gloss grades and special surface coatings. They are also available in a range of different film thicknesses and adhesive strengths.

Advantages at a glance

  • Can be removed very easily and quickly, leaving no residue – even for large or intricate areas
  • Perfect adhesion, especially with complex shapes
  • High tear resistance
  • Homogeneous, virtually gel free film quality
  • High plasticiser resistance
  • Resistant to oil and humidity
  • Low unwinding force
  • Fully recyclable

The faster the POLIFILM PROTECTION protective film with easy-peel properties is removed, the less force is required.

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