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Trouble free renovation

Effective protection for every surface

Quickly covered. Optimally protected. Completed sooner.

Prevention is better than cure

In construction, renovation or refurbishment, there is always a risk that floors, windows and other surfaces will be marked or even damaged. Paint splashes and stains, mortar residue, shoe marks and damage from equipment have one thing in common they are difficult to remove and require a lot of effort and time.

The most efficient protection solution

With our self-adhesive surface protection films, you can prevent such marks and damage, and avoid unnecessary repair or rework and cleaning costs. Our films are quick and easy to apply, and after completion of the work, the premises are just as quickly ready for handover.

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Your advantages at a glance

  • Optimum protection
    For every surface
  • Easy handling
    Quickly prepared and applied
  • Reliable adhesion
    Without slipping
  • Unobtrusive
    Does not interfere with the renovation work
  • Quick removal
    Fast and residue free removal  
  • High Resistance
    Impact and tear resistant

The solution for glass, carpet or hard floors

Our range covers every surface that needs to be protected

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We rely on polyolefins, primarily polyethylene and polypropylene, for our protective film solutions for their excellent recyclability.

Did you know? We have been recycling in-house for decades. Learn more


Use of recycled material

Using recycled material in demanding technical films without any loss of quality is a challenge that we have successfully mastered. Thanks to our many years of experience in the use of recycled materials, we can offer you protective film solutions with both PIR and PCR content.


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