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Your surface.
Our solution.

Total protection

  • Widest product portfolio
    Solutions for all industries and applications
  • Tailor-made protection
    Individual or customised solutions
  • A one-stop shop
    Total service from a single source

Unparalleled quality assurance

We preserve your value

Our temporary surface protection films ensure optimum protection during the storage, transportation and processing of all materials with sensitive surfaces. They offer protection against dust and dirt, the effects of external exposure and weathering whilst protecting against surface abrasion and scratches.

Our solutions combine durable adhesion systems with optimised carrier films, creating process enhanced performance with clean and residue free removal. Value retention of the finished product is assured from the start when using our films.

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Customer specific film solutions

Application orientated product development

Product development through close customer cooperation secures a speedy resolution to those specific needs related to an exact application; that is what POLIFILM PROTECTION stands for. Our application and development engineers tailor every component of the protective films solution perfectly to meet and beat your expectations, guaranteeing optimum performance in terms of protection. Longevity of use, UV stability, weathering resistance and peel ability are assured from the start. We pride ourselves on finding the best solution for our customers.

Widest range of applications

We have the widest range of adhesive technologies; adhesive coated films and adhesive free non-coated films which use our Coex-Cast technology. This variety enables us to cover the most extensive range of customer applications and requirements, ensuring optimum compatibility between the surface and adhesive strength for the desired degree of protection.

At a glance:

  • Acrylic coated films
    Utilising water and solvent based acrylic adhesives
  • Rubber coated films
    With natural rubber or synthetic rubber adhesive
  • Co-extruded protective films
    Multi-layer extrusion technology with adhesive properties built-in
  • Interleaving films
    The special solution for metal coil producers
  • Hot lamination films (HLF)
    Superior surface protection for coil coaters

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Quality guaranteed

Quality is built into everything we do at POLIFILM. A certified quality management system ensures testing during production allowing us to provide you with consistent product quality at the highest level every time. In addition, ‘quality thinking’ is naturally in the mindset of our entire team, without compromise.

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Globally local

We are proud of our sales offices and production and development locations all over the globe. In addition, we have a large network of long standing, experienced distribution partners. The expertise and know-how of POLIFILM PROTECTION is always available to you wherever you are in the world.

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Sustainability in action

We take sustainability seriously. With a variety of measures in place, we ensure that our products and our production methods are becoming increasingly more environmentally and climate friendly, whilst at the same time supporting our customers by improving their carbon footprints too.

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