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Versatility on the right track without compromise

with our film solutions for the transport  sector

  • From classic surface protection to process films
    you get everything from a single source with us
  • Whether it’s automotive, aviation, nautical, or caravan applications
    we offer the right film solution for all modes of transport
  • Solutions for both the interior and exterior
    discover the versatility

Our transport solutions

protect every aspect related to function & design

Whether it’s a car, caravan, airplane, train, or cruise ship, modes of transport are omnipresent and just as diverse as our solutions. From classic surface protection films for automotive interior and exterior applications, to process films for bonding, you’ll find everything you need to protect and support function and design in the transport sector.

This applies equally to suppliers and manufacturers of the end product. In line with your standards and with an understanding of your processes and quality requirements, we find the optimum film to meet all your requirements and additionally help you optimize your processes and workflows.


Our transport portfolio

Protective films specifically for the automotive industry

From the interior to the exterior body, our film solutions reduce the risk of damage during production and transportation, ensuring everything arrives flawlessly in the showroom. We take into consideration not only various design elements and the types of materials used but also their specific characteristics. To provide you with optimal support and extensive expertise, we have focused our automotive competence together in a separate company: POLIFILM Automotive.

  • Self-adhesive film solutions for secure protection
    for interior and exterior
  • Precise, reliable application and handling
    quickly applied and easily removed without residue
  • Trimmed for efficiency
    our solutions support you with tight schedules & optimize your throughput times
  • Solutions for all materials and shapes
    tailored to your individual application
  • First Class service and advice
    Our automotive experts are focused in a specialist company

Thermoplastic hot melt films

Surface bonding in film format, whether it’s the cabin cladding in planes and ships or the interior of cars. Our polyolefin-based thermoplastic hot melt films, also known as thermobonding films, not only perform functionally, but also save you an additional process step.

  • Long-lasting and fast bonding
    of different substrates
  • No additional coating process required
     the film acts as an adhesive
  • High production speeds
    through optimized throughput
  • For a perfect appearance
    no “bleeding” onto the substrate

Carpet Protection Solutions

Whether as a self-adhesive solution for direct protection of the carpet surface or as packaging for rolled carpet goods, we offer a variety of solutions and, if desired, can gladly provide a sustainable option through the use of recyclates. Additionally, we adhere to industry specific requirements in the automotive, caravan, and nautical sectors, as exemplified by our flame-retardant surface protection.

Didn’t find the right solution at first glance?

Feel free to reach out to us. Our colleagues will happily work with you to find the right solution from our existing range. And if this is not possible, no problem, we will embark on a project together to meet your needs.

Are you active in more than one industry?
So are we!


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