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Carpet protection film meets the highest fire protection demands

Developed for the marine industry.

POLIFILM PROTECTION provides optimum surface protection with reduced low flammability and combined with efficient application.

Shipbuilding demands high levels of fire protection: Only flame-retardant materials can be used in this industry. This also applies to temporary protective films that are only used during construction or maintenance work. POLIFILM PROTECTION has now developed a film that protects carpets in yachts and cruise ships from dirt and damage and guarantees compliance with the most crucial fire protection standards.

For shipyard operators and shipbuilding companies, the topic of fire protection is high on the agenda. Products used in new shipbuilding, ship repair, maintenance or refitting must be classified as flame retardant in accordance with the applicable industry standards.

The new PF16/45 W FR carpet protection film from POLIFILM PROTECTION, designed specifically for marine industry meets this requirement in accordance with European standard for the classification of the behaviour of construction products in the event of fire (EN 13501-1:2018). It has been classified in fire protection class s1 for floor coverings (Bfl) which means that the film is proven to be “flame retardant” according to the most important industry standard in European regulations. Testing according to the French standard NFP 92-507:1995 showed similar fire protection results, leading to a classification in class M1: “non-combustible”. This protective film guarantees the excellent fire protection required by both the industry and insurers alike.

Optimum protection, process efficiency

The flame-retardant carpet protection film’s performance is just as strong in respect of optimum surface protection, occupational safety and process efficiency. For example, it has a particularly high resistance and tear strength and reliably protects against paint, dust and dirt. It even protects against oils, varnish and thinners.

It is also extremely efficient to use: Available in several different roll formats, it can be applied to the carpet in just a few steps and, thanks to its application optimised acrylic adhesive formulation, it adheres reliably throughout the lifetime of its use. For large areas, it is also available as a reverse -wound roll. Here, the adhesive layer is on the inside of the outside so that unrolling is even easier and faster.

it combines optimum fire prevention with maximum flexibility and uncompromising performance right from the start all the way through to completion

Etienne RuinaudHead of development of French Production & Development location of POLIFILM PROTECTION

For any carpet surface

Last but not least, POLIFILM PROTECTION has designed the film properties in such a way that the PF16/45 W FR is suitable for any carpet surface. Whether shallow or deep pile, wool blend or synthetic, the film does not peel off prematurely and does not form waves, wrinkles or other trip hazards. After the work is complete, it can be quickly and easily removed  without leaving any residue or the need for  reworking.

“Thanks to our group’s industry-leading know-how in the formulation of carrier films and adhesive coatings, our application engineers have succeeded in developing a carpet protection film that has everything that is needed in the marine industry, it combines optimum fire prevention with maximum flexibility, efficient handling and uncompromising performance right from the start all the way through to completion“, says Etienne Ruinaud, head of development at POLIFILM PROTECTION’s French production and development site.

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At a glance:
Carpet protection film PF16/45 W FR
– fire-retardant

  • developed with tailor-made properties for the marine industry.
  • approved for shipbuilding according to fire protection standard EN 13 501-1:2018 Bfl-s1 and NFP 92-507:1995 M1
  • quickly and effectively protects carpets from damage and soiling during construction or maintenance work