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The clean cut

Protective films for CO2 and fibre lasers

  • Optimum adhesion
    Bubble formation is prevented
  • High quality cutting
    Precise cuts – burr and carbon free
  • Easily removed
    Quick and safe removal – without leaving residues

Increased efficiency and quality during laser cutting

POLIFILM PROTECTION supplies unrivalled protective film solutions

Laser cutting of sheet metal places extreme demands on the protective film. If you want to ensure maximum productivity and optimum quality, you need a high performance solution that is suitable for both the laser technology and processing procedures.

We have the solution, with a wide range of high performance laser protection films in our portfolio. Laser protection films for fibre or CO2 lasers, for conventional, reflective or particularly thin sheets. Whether for cutting, bending, forming or stamping.

Our laser protection films – for your benefit

The right solution for every production requirement

Premium protection at full speed

Laser protection film: PF84C
100% absorption of the fibre laser. Optimum cutting results at any speed, especially with highly reflective metals.

Premium Laser Protection

Constant visual control

Laser protection film: PF34C
Highly transparent laser protection film. Constant quality control and assurance of the correct surface selection. Ideal for coloured and structured sheets.

Transparent Laser Protection

The trio for thin metal sheets

Laser protection films: PF582C | PF82C | PF32C
Perfectly tailored adhesive strength: Thin sheets are optimally protected, against bending during lamination and removal.

Special Protection Thin Metal

Universally adaptable solution

Laser protection film: PF584CS
The solution for CO2 and fibre lasers. Flow optimised adhesive formulation. Bubble-free certainty during cutting. Assured adhesion when folding and bending.

Universal Laser Protection

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