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Automated Films

Films for the automatic (re)packaging
of various materials

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Our Automated Films

From hygiene packaging to insulation packaging

You’ll find the ideal film for nearly every application with us. Our solutions are precisely tailored to your automated packaging process and excel in optimal machine processing due to excellent flatness, as well as their high durability thanks to their thickness profile. Here, we demonstrate strength and offer you high puncture and tear resistance while simultaneously reducing material usage. This is complemented by outstanding welding ? do you mean strong seam sealing? properties, as well as customized equipment to meet individual customer needs. Conveniently supplied on rolls, our films can be used to create a wide range of packaging types.

What we offer you

  • Ideal machine processing
    Due to optimum film flatness
  • High welding?  Compatibility Do you mean strong seam sealing???
    For stable packaging
  • Customized adjustments
    From UV stabilization to sliding properties
  • Printing & labelling
    As well as colour variations
  • Optimum Protection
    Against dust, dirt and moisture
  • Kantenbesäumung
    für einen sauberen Kantenspiegel
  • Materialeinsparungen
    aufgrund durchdachter Dickenprofile
  • Nachhaltige Lösungen
    bis zu 100% recyclingfähig und abhängig vom Einsatz mit bis zu 80% Rezyklat-anteil

Customized to your needs

At our company, customer specific adaptations include not only optical adjustments but also process and processing optimization properties.

Optical adjustments

  • Printing and labelling
  • Colour variations of our highly transparent solutions

Examples of mechanical settings

  • UV stabilization
  • Matte or slidable

Hygiene packaging

Our films for bulk packaging and preliminary films for primary packaging

Your advantages

  • Quality assured films
    High puncture and tear resistance
  • Ideal machine processing
    Due to optimum film flatness
  • Fewer roll changes
    More meters per roll due to reduced thickness

Whether it’s kitchen roll, toilet paper, or baby nappies, primary packaging for the end consumer requires additional protection during handling, storage, and transportation. To address this, we produce robust films using selected raw materials and the required conditions as secondary packaging, as well as primary packaging for customization. The secondary packaging protects bulk packaging from dust, dirt, and moisture while also providing excellent puncture and high tear resistance, ensuring that the products safely reach their target market. The film for primary packaging stands out with its excellent printability.

Additional options

  • Easy to print
    Also available in colour variations
  • Needle punched and non needle punched
    Depending on the desired permeability, such as heat

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Solutions for the chemical industry

The example of EVA bags

We are aware of the requirements in the chemical industry and focus, amongst other things, on the production of EVA melt bags. These are used in vulcanization processes, as in the tyre industry or the automotive sector, as well as in the production of coloured PVC.

The special feature of EVA solutions

This flat bag solution with EVA has a significant advantage in production processes: chemicals and process related substances can be added directly into the bag with precise quantities during processing. The bag remains melted in the process or becomes the finished end product. Tedious transferring, measuring, or disposal is completely eliminated in this way.

Insulation packaging

Also for fibre bale packaging

Insulation materials like glass wool and styrofoam require specially tailored packaging for their surfaces. You can get exactly that with our insulation packaging which optimizes your processes. Our films, in addition to their robustness, provide optimum flatness for excellent machine operation, even at higher speeds.

OUR EXTRA: The packaging can be printed with up to 4 colours in flexographic printing.

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