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Shrink Films

Our PE shrink solutions for robust packaging for every industry

Our Shrink Films

A range of films for professional packaging and commissioning

Whether it’s classic shrink film, shrink sleeves, flat or wide shrink films, beverage shrink or solutions for shrink wrapping frozen pizza, we offer you the optimum polyethylene solution for your application, tailored to your processes. Our shrink solutions can be processed in shrink ovens and tunnels as well as using shrink frames. Together with you, we tailor-make the ideal raw material formulation, allowing, if possible, and depending on the application, up to 80% recycled material in your shrink solution with the same high quality consistent property profile.

What we offer you

  • The full range
    of shrink solutions from a single source
  • Customer specific solutions tailored to your process technology and application
  • Customizable options
    from colouring to printing with symbols or text
  • Ideal shrink behaviour
    monoaxial & biaxial shrink
  • Food compliant
    for use as primary packaging
  • Sustainable solutions
    up to 100% recyclable and, depending on the application, with up to 80% recycled content

Features of our shrink films

Our shrink films not only impress with their excellent shrink values, whether monoaxial or biaxially shrinking and their high weldability but also with their optimized thickness profile for a blemish free result. Furthermore, our long standing experience in film formulation allows us to tailor-make the film according to your needs and preferences.

A selection of Film Property Options available

  • Slippery
  • Blunt
  • UV-stable for up to 36 months
  • Roll labelling compatable
  • Colour variations including black and white
  • Printing with logos or text

Want to learn more? We are happy to help you!

Discover Our Shrink Film Solutions

The Classic Choice for the Glass Industry

Whether it’s canned goods or alcoholic beverages such as beer and liquor when packaged with our classic shrink films, your fragile products will arrive safely at their destination.

Shrink Sleeves as an Alternative to Stretch Hoods

Shrink sleeves serve as an alternative to stretch hoods and provide a secure and convenient solution for reliable pallet packaging thanks to their extremely strong holding forces. We offer this solution with up to 12 months of UV stability. Our shrink sleeves are also suitable for use as primary packaging, thanks to their food-grade conformity.

Our Shrink Flat Films

Whether it’s the forestry industry, furniture sector, kitchen manufacturers, or general industrial applications, our shrink flat films can protect a variety of products, such as laminates, pellets, countertops, doors, control cabinets, and more. We can also supply you with matching top and bottom films directly.

Wide Shrink Films, For When Size Matters

From wind turbine components and entire boats to prefabricated house units, with our wide shrink films you can securely and reliably package entire objects or their component parts, with UV stability of up to 36 months.

Beverage Shrink Flat Films – the Most Well-Known Solution

Almost everyone is familiar with beverage shrink films. We offer these in highly transparent or uniformly coloured options for your tray and bottle packaging. Our solutions have good holding forces for handle attachment and come with practical roll end labeling to guarantee an optimized process flow without cumbersome roll changes.

Pizza Shrink Films – for Convenient Applications

Tailored for applications at low temperatures, we offer our food-grade, transparent pizza shrink films for frozen food applications. These films boast high shrink forces, ideal flatness for quick processing, and micro perforation. The latter allows air to escape after the packaging process. Designed to be gentle on materials, they are available from a thickness of 15 µm and are, of course, 100% recyclable for end consumers.

ISCC PLUS Certification

More transparency – in the production & distribution of sustainable film solutions What is ISCC PLUS? The International Sustainability & Carbon Certification (ISCC) is an international certification system. The aim of the certification system is to ensure higher transparency and traceability of circulated sustainable plastic solutions along the entire value chain. What are the benefits of certification? […]


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