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Films for Dunnage Bags

Transport Security for Cargo cushioning

  • Films for the production of transport airbags
  • Designed for security  
  • Robust, reliable, sustainable

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The efficient way to fill voids in containers & more

Our Films for Dunnage Bags & Air Cushions

Hardly any cargo can be packed seamlessly in a container or truck. To prevent pallets, packages, or other goods from shifting back and forth during transportation, and to ensure safe, undamaged, transportation from A to B, dunnage bags, also known as cargo airbags, are used. The robust and resistant PE films from which these are made are offered in our comprehensive transport protection range, precisely tailored to your needs and requirements, such as valve insertion.

Your advantages at a glance

  • Robust & Resilient
    thanks to selected raw materials
  • Resistant
    to water and moisture
  • Environmentally friendly
    up to 100% recyclable & available with recycled material
  • Extremely durable
    even under pressure, due to optimal sealing of the seams
  • Precise fit
    through customer specific dimensions

Wide Range of Applications

Air-filled dunnage bags are used for load securing and have diverse applications

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