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Quality Tastes Good

Our films guarantee this for both industry & end consumers

  • From product filing to the Point of Sale (PoS)
    We offer you a uniquely designed film range for food and beverages
  • Animal-friendly
    Our solutions for the Pet Food industry
  • Holistic sustainability
    We offer you single-material solutions as well as films to extend shelf life

Our solutions for food & Pet Food

Where functionality, quality, and sustainability go hand in hand

The optimal film solution can offer much more. Appealing, functional packaging extends the shelf life of food and pet food and seals in flavours securely, providing an economical, sustainable solution. We work together with you to understand your packaging and the processing steps it goes through to

enable us to provide the optimum solution for both you and the environment. This also applies to our range of transport protection packaging. Because even commissioned retail packaged products need to arrive safely at their destination.


Our product portfolio for the food, beverage & Pet Food industry

Lamination, label, and process films

High quality packaging on the outside, maintains the quality of the product within, saving time and ensuring customer satisfaction at the PoS and during use. From rigid to flexible, from direct food contact to film for bottle labels, every solution is available from us, always tailored to preserve and present the goods in optimum condition.

  • PE & PP mono-material films
    for all layers of the mono-material composite
  • Product safety and opening characteristics
    through customer individualized mechanical properties
  • Sustainable innovations
    for energy and material savings and shelf life extension
  • Process optimization through film selection
    for laminators, and packaging manufacturers

Transport Packaging

Safely protected at the PoS. Whether during transportation, handling, or storage, packaging and packaging units need to be well secured to reach the user and end customer undamaged. Whether a shrink or stretch solution, we offer you a carefully selected range to ensure just that, whilst also helping to increase throughput times and conserve resources.

  • Everything geared towards safety & efficiency
    Quality films that optimize your processes and save material wherever possible
  • Solutions for hot filling
    perforated stretch films
  • Films for the beverage industry
    from shrink solutions to high-performance stretch films

Didn’t find the right solution at first glance?

Feel free to reach out to us. Our colleagues will happily work with you to find the right solution from our existing range. And if this is not possible, no problem, we will embark on a project together to meet your needs.

Are you active in more than one industry?
So are we!