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Printing Films

on PE & PP base

  • Also for mono-material packaging
    including retort applications
  • NEW! Our MDO solutions
    for even greater sustainability
  • From high gloss to matte
    without varnish
  • For all common printing systems
    (UV) flexo also with a number of colours

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No second chance for a first impression

Our printing films solutions for you

For us, specialising in laminating films also means knowing exactly what demands are placed on the optimum printing film. Because, we are aware of the importance of high-quality printed images for you and your customers, we have developed a well thought out portfolio of PE and PP-based printing films that are specially tailored to the requirements of modern printing and production techniques and successfully meet even the highly complex demands of mono-material packaging. From solutions with an EVOH barrier to our new MDO POLIPURE range, we offer you the right sustainable alternative for any application.

The advantages at a glance

  • PE & PP films
    excellent raw material quality
  • Optimum print image quality
    via proven recipes and optical effects
  • Perfectly harmonised property profiles
    High elasticity for large packs, easy-tear etc.
  • For mono-material packaging
    including suitability for hot steam sterilisation
  • MDO solutions
    our POLIPURE Line
  • For barrier applications
    with EVOH
  • Common thicknesses
    25 – 50 µm
  • Für Einstoff-verpackungen
    inkl. Eignung für Heißdampfsterilisation

Approved for use with all commonly used printing systems – such as

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Portfolio Highlights

An excerpt of our solutions


Our range of MDO solutions

PET replacement films

Our MDO solutions are the alternative to difficult to recycle PET films. We offer you various options so that you can cover the widest possible range of sustainable laminates with increased recyclability. From glossy to transparent, with varying degrees of rigidity and high temperature resistance, we have everything you need.

HDPE films -also for matt effect without matt coating

Brilliance is in demand and matt is a growing trend. That’s why, in addition to our high gloss HDPE films, we offer you a solution that not only provides you with the desired matt effect, but also saves you a process step: our matt effect printing films for soft touch applications. The sophisticated formulation ensures a matt effect without any varnish, saving you an additional processing step and therefore saving you time and money. See the results for yourself.

PP film for mono-material solutions

Specially designed for hot steam sterilization

Hot steam sterilisation is a common process particularly in the food and beverage industry but also in the packaging of wet pet food where temperatures of up to 130°C are reached in the autoclave. At these high temperatures, conventional printing

films begin to shrink. Our PP printing film for mono-material packaging is different. It is specially designed for hot sterilisation and makes a significant contribution to sustainable packaging design thanks to its use in a mono-material composite.

  • Ideal for the beverage industry and the wet pet food sector
  • Reliable and stable even at high temperatures of up to 130°C
  • Contributes to sustainable packaging design.Also ideal in combination with our sealing films for mono-material packaging.

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