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Perforated Stretch Films –
Allowing Your Packaging to Breathe

  • Ideal for vegetables, fruits, and plants
  •  Optimal load unit security
  •  Reduced mold thanks to air circulation

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For added freshness on arrival
at the destination

Whether it’s packaging fruits and vegetables or transporting plants, our perforated stretch films ensure the quality of the packaged goods in two ways. Firstly, they allow oxygen to pass through, preventing excessive mold growth, secondly, the perforated versions, POLIFLEXX AIR and POLIFLEXX BREATH, provide optimized load security compared with other high-quality stretch films.

Your Benefits at a Glance

  • Ideal load unit security
    for crates and pallets.
  • Optimal quality
    preservation, less mold due to oxygen circulation
  • Cost savings
    compared to standard stretch films.
  • Environmentally friendly
    reduced material usage, and up to 100% recyclable.


Two versions. One Goal – Fresh and Secure from A to B

The perforated stretch films, POLIFLEXX AIR and POLIFLEXX BREATH, offer differing size perforated holes under stretching. POLIFLEXX AIR is a machine stretch film, whilst the POLIFLEXX BREATH films also available as hand stretch film, making them ideal for smaller businesses like nurseries or farm stores.

Technical Information

Hole size: 2.5 cm | stretched maximum 9 cm

Hole size: 1.5-2 cm | stretched maximum 2 cm

Application areas

Perforated stretch films are ideal for applications where oxygen circulation is required to maintain the quality of the produce. Here are some examples

For Shipping Fruits and Vegetables

Freshness is not only defined by the taste and smell, but also by the visual appearance. To reduce the risk of mold growth during the shipment of figs, avocados, apples, pears, and more, we recommend using perforated stretch films. This allows moisture to escape, preventing condensation.

For Plant Transportation

Whether you’re running a small nursery, a garden centre, or a supermarket, plants need to be transported both on-site and to their final destination. To optimally secure them and, if necessary, their delicate blossoms, oxygen-permeable stretch films, through which a shoot can extend, are an ideal solution.

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