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Protection films for stainless steel

Full Range Protection

  • Solutions for every stainless steel surface
    Adapted to suit the different surface finishes  
  • Optimum Adhesion
    Effective protection during processing and assembly
  • Increased Process Efficiency
    Assured performance during the entire production process
  • Easy removal in any environmental conditions
    Thanks to application-optimised UV and weather resistance

Stainless steel: high-quality appearance maintained

Our protective film solutions are as diverse as the applications they protect

Whether in catering appliances, architecture and many other products stainless steel is one of the most popular surface choices as it offers a high-quality finish and is used in numerous areas. And rightly so, after all, it is available in a wide range of finishes with a number of design options offering versatile applications. However, the requirements for temporary surface protection films are as varied as the applications and surfaces it is required to protect.  The good news is that our range provides the right solution for every application and requirement.

Our protective films for stainless steel offer:

  • Optimum adhesion
    Precisely matched adhesive systems and adhesive strengths
  • Guaranteed protection during processing
    Highest quality from production through to the finished product
  • Increased processing efficiency
    Smooth, efficient production thanks to the special film properties
  • No additional reworking
    Residue free removal without tearing

Perfect adhesion

We provide the ideal solution for every requirement

For all stainless steel surfaces and finishes

Do you process polished, ground, mill finished or treated stainless steel? Whether it’s a rough, deep surface with a 3D finish or a BA high gloss surface? No problem! The adhesive system and strength of our stainless steel protective films are always precisely matched to the requirements of your surface. This is how we guarantee optimum adhesion during processing and beyond.

Optimum resilience

Robust protection for sensitive stainless steel surfaces

Protection whatever the process

Processing such as folding, bending, punching, drilling and cutting are an endurance test for the resilience and adhesion of a protective film. That’s why, when developing our solutions, we designed them to provide excellent tensile and puncture strength as well as excellent elongation properties. So they can cope with every possible process.

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Our special solutions

Demanding processing requires superior protective films

Fibre & CO2 Laser Cutting

Our range of laser protection films offers you superior surface protection, excellent cutting quality whilst optimising machine utilisation. For fibre and CO2 lasers, thick or thin sheets, for every form of metal processing.

Protective films for laser cutting

Light and heavy deep drawing

Our deep drawing films are always optimally adapted to the production requirements effectively protecting valuable stainless steel surfaces from scratches and drawing marks during light and heavy deep drawing.  

Protective films for deep drawing

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Productivity increased

Sophisticated features for efficient processing – the Easy Peel effect

Depending on the process requirements, you may need protective films that can be removed quickly, easily and without leaving any residue. That’s why we have developed high performance protective films with an easy-peel effect. As the name suggests, they are quick and easy to remove without leaving any residue.

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