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Cling Films

Fully covered. Stays fresh longer.

  • Classic & Biobased Cling Films
    For packaging, grocery stores, and catering.
  • PVC Substitute Films
    The alternative to standard PVC film.
  • And many other variations
    Such as those for kebab skewers

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Keeping Fresh For Longer

Our PE (polyethylene) cling films

Our PE monolayer films, made from selected raw materials, are ideal for covering and preserving food and unprocessed groceries. They are suitable for both domestic household use and in the commercial food service industry, helping to reduce food waste by extending shelf life. In addition to the well-known highly transparent cling films, we also offer our customers coloured variations, such as gold.

Key advantages at a glance

  • Extra thin
    Available from 8 µm
  • Highly sustainable
    100% recyclable, with biobased materials
  • Easy to handle
    Thanks to low transverse tear resistance
  • Microwave compatible

Cling Film & Sustainability

Recyclable, Biobased, and soon to be Biodegradable

Traditional cling films are better for the environment than they are often given credit for. But at POLIFILM we don’t settle for that, we go one step further by offering you fully recyclable cling films made in Germany, and also films made with biobased materials. Thanks to our extensive experience in processing renewable resources, we can produce cling films for you with up to 95% biobased content.

The Alternative to PVC Films

Analogous Properties with the Advantages of Polyolefin Solutions

PVC films have long been criticized but despite this and as a result of their unique properties they are still commonly used, especially for packaging fresh fruits and vegetables, whether loose or in trays, or in the commercial catering and gastronomy sector. Through intensive research and development, we are able to offer you an alternative to the traditional PVC solution made from polyolefins, which replicates the property profile of PVC films.

Our PVC substitute films

Our alternative PVC substitute films are highly transparent and helps increase the shelf life of fruits, vegetables, meats, sausages, and cheese and because there is no moisture barrier compared to traditional cling films, condensation does not form. This makes the film suitable for covering hot dishes as well.

The Key Points at a Glance

  • Moisture reduction with Anti-fog Effect
    Prevents condensation that can lead to spoilage of the product by allowing water vapor to pass through.
  • Perfect Adhesion
    The films have exceptionally strong adhesion.
  • For Both Machine and Manual Use
    Ideal for use during processing, whether done automatically or by hand.

Looking for more variations?

We offer our food covering film solutions for a wide range of applications, including the packaging of Döner kebab skewers.

Not sure if we have the right solution for your needs? Simply contact us. We look forward to your enquiry.

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