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Working together for a true circular economy

Join us for the future of film usage

  • Sophisticated take back concept
    of used films
  • Recycling of challenging film types
    such as protective films, agricultural stretch or label films
  • Recycling of recovered material
    into the same or equivalent film typewherever possible

Together we give plastics more than one life

Together with you, our customers, POLICYCLE is creating a program that leads the way to the future. This take back concept for used films is designed to collect used films, recycle them and, whenever possible, use them in equivalent film solutions, ideally in your own films to increase the recycled content.

How it works

  • STEP 1
    Working together with you we provide onsite analysis of the situation. This includes the classification of the film waste, or type of film waste, such as cut-offs or old stock, as well as the disposal route and quantities.
  • STEP 2
    Development of an individual disposal concept for your film waste, including take back & recycling by us.
  • STEP 3
    Depending on the film type, recirculation of your “own” regranulate into the existing film application required at your site.


Closing the loop

Your advantages of the living Circular Economy process

Immediate effects

  • We optimize your logistics and storage concept for film waste
  • Joint development and optimization of your disposal concept
  • No process changes necessary

Continuous progress

  • Contributing to the reduction of your product and company carbon footprint
  • Increasing the recycled content in your products both post-consumer recyclate (PCR) and post-industrial recyclate (PIR)

The steps in detail

Film production

Based on decades of experience, high quality raw materials and well thought-out recipes, we produce customer specific extrusion and protective films with and without post-consumer and post-industrial recyclates (PCR & PIR).

Film usage

Whether used in your processes, as packaging material or by the end customer, our adhesive coated and non-coated films, despite being recyclable, often end up in expensive thermal recycling at their end of their product life.

Waste management

This is exactly what POLICYCLE will change. Instead of treating used film as waste, we work closely with you to turn it into new raw material, supporting you in the efficient collection of used film.


Recycling is the core competence of POLICYCLE with state-of-the-art technology and an increasing number of machines, we can process even more challenging adhesive coated films into regranulate.


The result: high-quality materials that we return to film solutions as post-consumer recyclate (PCR). Ideally, into the films you purchase.


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All from one single source

Our quality promise to you

Excellence in films. Excellence in European Recycling.

– are more than just two phrases to us. For us, this is at the heart of the program. Because only through POLIFILM’s decades of experience in processing recyclates into film products and the know how to produce even highly complex film solutions, can we ensure that your solution not only contains the maximum of recyclate, but is also still of the same high quality you expect from POLIFILM. Our quality awareness is certified by external bodies, for example as a recycling company by EuCertPlast certification and at product level by RecyClass.

RECYCLING Excellence

We are Pioneer with tradtion.


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