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The aim: sustainability

Our responsibility: for future generations

Our contribution to a secure future

Environmental and climate protection, responsible use of our planet’s limited resources and sustainable use of raw materials are core elements of our corporate philosophy.

That is why we use forward thinking innovation to develop more sustainable solutions for the future business success of both our customers and POLIFILM.

Protect, don’t waste

Ensuring material is safely processed and assembled without damage: Protective films protect resources.

Protecting surfaces protects resources.

Our protective films protect sensitive materials and surfaces from scratches and harmful environmental factors before, during and after processing and assembly. They make a valuable contribution to resource and climate protection, by preventing high quality surfaces having to be scrapped or recycled due to damage or quality issues. Thereby, preventing unnecessary waste: of materials, energy and time.

Raw material consumption and circular economy

Two cornerstones of our sustainability strategy

Protective films help to avoid waste, thereby saving resources and the CO2 footprint. But, at POLIFILM, we go further ensuring both the film itself and the production methods contribute to environmental protection and resource conservation. Our values follow four main principles:


We use polyolefins, primarily polyethylene and polypropylene, in the production of our protective film solutions which are extremely recyclable. But that’s not all, we have been successfully recycling in-house for decades.


Recycled material use

Using recycled material in the production of sophisticated technical films without any loss of quality is a challenge. At POLIFILM we have mastered this challenge and offer protective film solutions with both PIR and PCR content.

Protection Films With RecyclATES

Renewable raw material

We offer customers who want to optimally protect their end product whilst improving their carbon footprint at the same time, a complete range of green solutions made from renewable raw materials, from the carrier film to the adhesive system.

BiobasED Protective Films

Material reduction

Less material with consistent performance. We are masters in the formulation of protective films and have been working on “downgauging” for many years. Thinner films that still provide the same quality protection.

DownGauging Solutions

POLIFILM. Sustainability on GROUP level

Environmentally Focused

We take sustainability beyond the factory gates


POLIFILM FRANCE participates in bee conservation, carefully preparing, growing and cultivating habitats for bees.

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Sustainable production

At POLIFILM PROTECTION, environmental protection and a circular economy begin in production and logistics.

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Would you like to know which projects and co-operations the POLIFILM Group is involved in and is driving forward to strengthen the circular economy and promote environmental and resource protection?