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Recycling at POLIFILM

More than just disposal and reprocessing

  • Waste return concepts
  • Inhouse Recycling
  • Protective fims with own recyclates

Our protective film recycling

We preserve recyclable materials – and reduce carbon dioxide emissions at the same time.

For POLIFILM as a plastics processing company, recycling is one of the most important factors for contributing to the circular economy. That is why we have been working on film solutions with recycled content for a long time. Our optimised formulations enable us to supply films with recycled material for a growing number of increasingly complex applications and give plastic a second, ideally infinite, life.

By recycling valuable materials in this way, we conserve resources, reduce the burden on the environment and make a significant contribution to lowering energy consumption and CO2 pollution. But, significantly, we go even further by creating recycling systems for our products together with our customers supporting in their own sustainability efforts.

Our return cycle for waste

We help customers with waste management

Due to a lack of an established waste film network, protective films usually end up in the rubbish after their intended use. However, they are a valuable resource that can be reused as a raw material. For this reason, we support our customers in finding and establishing a suitable waste management system for collection and return of their film waste so it be recycled quickly and safely as possible.

POLIFILM Recycling

We’ve recycled for decades

We have been recycling polyethylene (PE) films in Germany for more than 30 years. There POLIFILM recycles more than 20,000 tonnes of polyethylene per year. We also operate our own recycling plants at some of our other locations around the globe helping to reduce the impact and cost of transportation. Using the latest reprocessing technology, our years of expertise, for both internal and external purposes, using both our own waste and purchased material, we ensure we use resources as efficiently as possible.  


Responsibly moving forward together– that is the guiding principle of POLICYCLE. With the latest subgroup, we are closing the circle and combining all the elements of modern recycling management under a single umbrella. With POLICYCLE, the recycling specialist and disposal company we can produce films with recycled material as well as the subsequent return of used films to the material cycle. 


PCR – only with POLIFILM

Unlike other manufacturers, we use not only the comparatively easy to use post industrial recyclate (PIR) for our protective films with recycled content, but also post consumer recyclate (PCR), which is even more important from an environmental point of view. We thereby offer our customers a unique opportunity to improve the carbon footprint of their products and company and to be even more sustainable than the competition.

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