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Barrier Films

Our Oxygen Barriers

  • EVOH Barrier Films
  • Both in traditional multi-material laminates
    and for mono-material packaging
  • For various applications & packaging types

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The Protective Layer

Our Barrier Films

Whether it’s about extending shelf life, protecting against external factors, or preserving the freshness of the contents inside the packaging, our PE and PP based barrier solutions create a dependable barrier against air, other gases, and water vapour. In this way, they preserve the aroma inside the packaging and offer reliable protection both in the classic combination with EVOH and PA, as well as in the sustainable single-material solution of PE or PP with EVOH.

The Benefits at a Glance

  • Sustainable
    Suitable for mono-material packaging
  • High transparency
    for an appealing appearance
  • Versatile use
    in FFS applications, bag-in-box, pouches, and more
  • Easily processed
    due to optimal mechanical properties
  • Various thickness options
    ranging from 2-25 µm
  • Maximum width
    of up to 2 meters

Barrier Film  Usage

  • Food compliance

Whether in the food industry, non-food sector, animal nutrition, or pharmaceutical packaging, the range of applications for barrier films is as extensive as your application possibilities. Potential fields of application include, for example, bag-in-box applications, in combination with FFS films, or as part of stand-up pouches or lid films. Are you looking for a barrier film for a specific application? We can help with your requirements, please contact us.

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