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Our Understanding
of Quality

From product controls to management systems

Quality as an indicator of our success – extending far beyond the product

High quality film solutions require excellent raw materials, a deep understanding of technology, and consistently stable processes. This is precisely why our understanding of quality goes far beyond the actual product. Continuous controls along the entire process chain, regular training for responsible colleagues, as well as state-of-the-art

instruments and measurement techniques, assist us in making excellence in films a reality for our customers and partners every day. To achieve this, we do not hesitate in scrutinising ourselves and subjecting ourselves, our suppliers, and network partners to regular inspections as well as the additional auditing by independent experts.

Our certifications

We are certified Multiple certifications worldwide. Because it matters. Whether it’s an integrated management system, assured process, production conditions or transparency at product level – we ensure we keep our word and deliver on our promises to our customers and partners.This is precisely why we supplement our internal audits worldwide with independent, external audits. This […]

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Fully Equipped

Expertise can only work in conjunction with the right technology. For this very reason, we are proud of our in-house laboratory capabilities as well as the possibilities offered by our pilot production facilities for trial purposes.

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Funded projects

Research and development sustainably strengthens profitability and competitiveness. We therefore invest time and energy in actively contributing to and participating in publicly funded research and development projects, which contribute to Germany being considered as a research location.

Current development projects

Initiatives & associations

Our colleagues are passionate about their work. That is why they are involved in a number of initiatives and are part of various associations from participation in international working groups to active involvement in the development of DIN standards.

Our current activities are detailed here