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Measurings & Analyses

Our service for you –
In-house laboratory techniques

Our laboratory – your quality

Measurable quality – inhouse

With the increasing variety of film solutions, we continuously invest in modern analysis technologies.
Because the options given in-house save you and us precious time on the way to optimum quality and reliable progress.

Production and development accompanying

We continuously monitor and control the quality of our films during production. For this purpose, we use a wide range of analytical methods and the corresponding equipment. In development, we supplement these with our capabilities for optical, thermoanalytical and spectroscopic examinations.

Our examination methods

An excerpt from our options at the Weißandt-Gölzau site

  • Spectroscopic Analysis
    RAMAN, FTIR und UV-vis
  • Permeation tests
    against water steam and oxygen
  • Thermoanalytical examinations
  • Accelerated Weathering Tests
    UV and humidity

Not only check, but test

Our technical centre offers a wide range of options for precisely this purpose. Here, novel film formulations, for example from alternative raw materials, are tested before they find their way onto the industrial lines.

Tested Solutions

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