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Machine Stretch Films

Performance at a New Level

  • Optimal pallet securing
    due to outstanding holding forces during transportation
  • Improved packaging processes
    thanks to expert advice tailored to your product requirements
  • High-quality films for your company needs
    as a result of continuous quality control and assurance

Optimize Packaging Processes

Achieve your best results with our machine stretch films

Why the Right Film is Crucial

We produce a wide range of machine stretch films for mechanical processing using both blown and cast extrusion methods. The extensive product spectrum includes films of varying thicknesses and adhesive properties, as well as films with special UV resistance or antistatic properties. Finding the right film for your product and packaging process is crucial. We have something for everyone, and we’re happy to help you find your perfect film.

Your Benefits at a Glance

  • Personal consultation
    on-site at your location
  • Cost reduction
    due to improved holding force with reduced film consumption
  • Enhanced processing
    thanks to specially developed formulations
  • Quality assured
    based on the latest testing standards
  • Optional special equipment possible
    e.g., antistatic and food conformity
  • Environmentally conscious option
    available with recycled content

Want to learn more? We’re here to advise you!

Overview of Product Diversity

We produce a range of machine stretch films for mechanical processing including films with various maximum stretch ranges and puncture resistance, as well as stretch films in various thicknesses and roll widths. Our stretch film types are also available in different colours and opacities to suit each customer’s individual requirements. We tailor our stretch film solutions to our customers needs, including developing specific film solutions for the beverage industry. Our different stretch films are up to 100% recyclable and available with recycled content.


Why does it have to be a “premium product”? What difference does it make which film type is used on which wrapper?
With our film calculator our experts will calculate quick and easy the potential savings that you can achieve with high-quality films.

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Want to learn more? We’re here to advise you!


Learn more about our products from the POLIFLEXX reNATE series, our alternative solution for those who value sustainability even more. These films are not only 100% recyclable but also consist of at least 30% recycled material.



Learn more about correct storage, choosing the right film, and differences between various film types.

to the Hints and tips

Our Service for You

Helping you to reach your processing goals faster.

Together, on site, we can help you optimize your packaging process. Our consultants analyze your packaging processes helping you to reduce your waste and lower your material usage but also actively supporting you in cost reduction and resource savings by choosing the right stretch film.  


With our on-site service, you optimize your packaging processes and minimize risks that can occur due to incorrect settings and unsuitable films. Not only, but especially popular in the beverage industry. Because in the end, everyone benefits when we work together.

OUR Service


Test the different film types in our STRETCH ACADEMY. Our consultants help you redesign your operating processes and get the most out of your packaging. With our help, you can reduce your costs and material consumption for better results in securing your loads.


It's All About Form

The type of goods to be transported and how they are organized on the load carrier determines the choice of film for your requirements. Learn more about the different packing forms and pallet types and the requirements they demand of a suitable stretch film.

More About Packing Forms & Pallet Types

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