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Classic Machine Stretch Films

Our range for those who prioritize quality and performance

  • Versatile usability
    e.g., on semi-automatic or fully automatic stretch wrappers
  • Available with different stretch levels
    with a guaranteed stretch of up to 300%
  • Sustainable solution for your operations
    up to 100% recyclable and available with recycled content

Always well wrapped

Achieve your optimal results with our machine stretch films

Our Classic Machine Stretch Films

With our Classic Machine Stretch Films, you get high-quality, consistently tested products for a broad range of applications. Choose the film that suits your needs and optimize it with our help to fit your packaging processes perfectly.

Your Benefits at a Glance

  • Various stretch options
    up to 300% guaranteed stretch
  • Diverse application
    For use with both semi-automatic & fully automatic stretch wrappers
  • Sustainable
    Up to 100% recyclable and available with recycled content

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Overview of Our Products

Our Classic Range for Every Wrapper

Find exactly the right film for your stretch wrapper in our Classic range. Not all films are the same. Different types of stretch wrappers have different requirements for the film solutions used. To ensure optimal results and minimal waste, choosing

the right stretch film for the respective wrapper is crucial. Whether for a stretch wrapper without a pre-stretch unit or for the latest stretch wrappers with high-performance pre-stretch units – you will find what you’re looking for here!

Our Films for Stretch Wrappers without Pre-Stretch Unit


The classic stretch film for simple applications and use on various stretch wrappers
available from 15µm film thickness.


The stretch film with a guaranteed stretch of up to 200% for higher demands on the packaged goods and for use on semi-automatic and fully automatic stretch wrappers available from 12µm film thickness.

Our Films for Stretch Wrappers with Pre-Stretch Unit


The stretch film with up to 250% guaranteed stretch for demanding packaging applications and for use on stretch wrappers with pre-stretch units. Available from a film thickness of 12µm.

Our Films for state of the art Stretch Wrappers with High-Performance Pre-Stretch Unit


Our stretch film with outstanding mechanics for use on fully automatic stretch wrappers with a high-performance pre-stretch unit with up to 300% guaranteed stretch. Available from a film thickness of 12µm.


Learn more about our products from the POLIFLEXX reNATE series, our alternative solution for those who value sustainability even more. These films are not only 100% recyclable but also consist of at least 30% recycled material.



Learn more about correct storage, choosing the right film, and differences between various film types.

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Do you have any questions? We are happy to advise you!

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