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Thermoplastic hot melt adhesive films

The guaranteed solution for bonding

  • Ideal for bonding various substrates
    such as metal, rubber, textile, foams and many more
  • For sealing & surface finishing
    for example in the fields of aviation & automotive
  • Saves an additional coating process
    Saves an additional coating process as the films acts as an adhesive

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Surface bonding in film format

Reliable and increases process efficiency

POLIFILM’s polyolefin-based thermoplastic hot melt films, also known as thermos bonding films, can be quickly and easily used  to provide long lasting bonding to a wide range of substrates. As the films act as adhesives, there is no need for an additional coating process. The adhesive property is simply activated inline by temperature and pressure. This makes the thermoplastic hot melt films the ideal alternative to powder application and classic adhesive coating.

The advantages at a glance

  • Fast & stable bonding
    even under high load
  • Hohe Produktions-geschwindigkeiten
    Optimized throughput
  • “Clean” production
    replaces powder application systems
  • Reduced emission processing
    No pressure related defects
  • Reduced noise & dust free

Processing techniques

For continuous and non-continuous processes

  • Double belt presses
  • Belt calender rollers
  • Nipp-Roll Technology
  • Heat shrink
  • Stamp presses
  • Stack presses 
  • Back spraying techniques  

For diverse application areas

The right solution for every industry

Two film types in detail

The Allrounder | Type 1

  • Excellent adhesion
    To metals, textiles and plastics
  • Ideal for interior applications
    Heat resistance to 100°C
  • Medium melting range 125°C
  • A range of thicknesses & widths
    30 – 150 µm | 400 – 2,600 mm

For use in more extreme conditions | Type 2

  • Also ideal for PP bonding
  • Medium melting range 170°C
  • A range of thicknesses & widths
    30 – 150 µm | 400 – 2.600 mm

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