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Macro-perforated films

Films for Everything That Needs to Breathe

  • Optimal unit load securing
    thanks to their mechanical properties
  • Protection of perishable or sensitive goods
    through breathable design
  • Your contribution to the circular economy
    up to 100% recyclable

Perforated Stretch Films Quickly and safely secured

Macro-perforated films for both machine and manual applications

High Quality and Versatile

With our perforated films for machine and manual applications, you can protect particularly sensitive products such as young plants or products from the pharmaceutical industry. Our macro-perforated films provide a reliable, high-quality product specifically developed for use in the pharmaceutical and food industries, for example, hot or cold drinks in the beverage industry and hot or cold fillings in the food industry. Thanks to the perforated film, neither you nor your products will break into a sweat.

Your Benefits at a Glance

  • Excellent unit load securing
    for six-packs, crates, and pallets
  • Cost savings
    compared to standard stretch films
  • Environmentally friendly
    thanks to reduced material usage and up to
    100% recyclable formulation

Your contact

Evelyn Rima

Send message +49 34978 27 1285

Keeping an Eye on Our Products

Our perforated films for machine applications


Specially developed for use on semi-automatic stretch wrappers with brakes, our POLIFLEXX BREATH ML is particularly suitable for use in the food industry, such as with hot fillings or in the horticultural industry with handling of young plants/flowers.


Designed for use on stretch wrappers with pre-stretch units, our POLIFLEXX AIR 250/28 is particularly well-suited for industrial applications and for use in the pharmaceutical industry or the frozen food sector.

Technical Features

  • Maximum hole size after stretching is 2 cm
  • 3250 metres film length and 420mm film width
  • 13 rows of holes with 1.5 cm hole size (not stretched)

Technical Features

  • Maximum hole size after stretching is 8.5 cm
  • 1500 metres film length and 420mm film width
  • 13 rows of holes with 2.5 cm hole size (not stretched)

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