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Our classics

Excellence in every layer

  • Films for every layer of the laminate
  • Ideal sealing properties
  • Sustainable solutions based on recyclates
    & renewable raw materials

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Our classical laminating films

Tailored to your laminate

From mono-material films to multi-layer co-extruded films, our films are precisely tailored to your application and offer you a wide range of options. Amongst other things, we focus on the opening mechanisms of the packaging, such as easy-tear after opening or alignment with the peel force. We also create the thickness profiles in accordance with your chosen filling material.

Technical insights

  • Diverse thicknesses
    25 – 140 µm
  • Role diameters
    up to 1.000 mm
  • Corona Treatment
    Available as standard
  • Extra wide
    up to 2.600 mm
  • Core diameter
    76 or 152 mm
  • ISCC Plus
    certified raw materials

Always perfectly sealed

When it comes to lamination, one thing counts above all, the impermeability of the packaging. We therefore offer you the customisation of your film solution to the packaging profile. This includes:

  • low sealing temperature
  • increased seal strength
  • hot tack
  • good flow properties
  • optimal density even in powder applications and resistance to contaminants in the sealing area

Peelable sealants

PE against PE

There are numerous applications in which a peeling opening mechanism is used. Our PE films can therefore be sealed against foreign materials as well as against themselves. For the latter, we offer you wide sealing windows, soft peel properties, hot tack and an adjustable peel force (2.5-4.5 N/15mm PE/PE)

PE protection against foreign materials, such as

  • PP
  • PVC
  • PET
  • OPP (Lap Seal)
  • PS
  • PC
  • Aluminium

Sustainable – even without a mono-material solution

based on renewable raw materials and recyclates

Laminating films based on renewable raw materials

Regardless of whether you opt for films with bio-based PE or choose the ISCC PLUS certified solutions according to the mass balance method (does not compete with food) we can provide you with your required laminating film solution based on renewable raw materials and advise you on what is possible for your application.

Laminating films with recycled content

We offer you the option of producing your film with recycled content for all non-food applications. Depending on the type of application, this can be up to 70%. Our many years of experience in mechanical recycling and the processing of recyclates enable us to keep the property profiles stable, regardless of whether post-industrial recyclate (PIR) or post-consumer (PCR) material is used.

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