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Optimum protection
for valuable surfaces

– in production, processing, and assembly

  • Numerous film solutions for house and home
    Whether for temporary protection or protection during processing
  • From designer objects to white goods
    with our film solutions your product arrives safely & ready for use by the customer
  • For suppliers and brand manufacturers
    you will find the optimum film for every part of the value chain

Our solutions for house and home

because we understand that function & appearance are synonymous.

With our unique surface protection and process and packaging film solutions, we ensure that your products reach the end customer in optimum condition and appearance. Whether interior design, furniture, electronics, or “white goods”, we can provide you with the right solution, so that

your product is safe during production, processing, and assembly and remains that way. As the range of surfaces to be protected are as diverse as the building and furnishing designs themselves, we tailor the profile of our film solutions to your materials and surfaces.


Our solutions for house and home

Surface protection films

Securely protected during manufacturing, processing, and assembly, as well as during the renovation process – that’s what our protective film solutions ensure. Our self-adhesive solutions are specifically tailored to the characteristics of the material used and provide easy application, process optimization, and excellent protection whilst still ensuring residue free, so that everything appears flawless.

  • For every surface
    Optimal protective film adapted to your processes & material used
  • Ideal protection against dust, dirt, and scratches
    during processing and assembly
  • Assured application & removal
     easy to apply and residue-free removal
  •  Tailor-made solutions
     adapted to your needs
  • Available worldwide
     through our global corporate network

Process Films

Surface bonding made easy – with our thermoplastic hot melt adhesive films. These serve as an alternative to powder solutions, saving an entire process step when bonding substrates such as rubberized surfaces on white goods.

Shrink Films

Whether for countertops, kitchen appliances, or even entire prefabricated house units – we offer you a wide range of various shrink films and are happy to advise you on which solution best suits your processes and product.

Didn’t find the right solution at first glance?

Feel free to reach out to us. Our colleagues will happily work with you to find the right solution from our existing range. And if this is not possible, no problem, we will embark on a project together to meet your needs.

Are you active in more than one industry?
So are we!


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