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Protective films for domestic appliances

Impeccable protection, flawless appearance

  • Wide range of products
    Suitable films for almost any surface
  • Individually formulated for each application
    For perfect adhesion and removal properties
  • More efficient production
    Thanks to process-optimised properties
  • Quality control made easy
    Also available in transparent – for constant visual control

White goods: more than just appliances

Domestic appliances are part of our lifestyle – their surfaces are delicate and diverse

Whether it’s a washing machine, dryer, refrigerator, freezer, dishwasher, cooker or extractor hood, sophisticated materials and designs have become decisive factors in customers’ purchasing decisions. White goods have long been more than just white: a wide variety of surfaces and structures compete for the selection of both private and commercial customers.  

With our sophisticated protective films, we help household appliance manufacturers to avoid unnecessary complaints by protecting the high-quality and valuable appliances from scratches and other damage during production, processing and installation. Whilst, at the same time, providing a noticeable benefit in process efficiency.

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Individual surface protection

For domestic appliances with differing surfaces and coatings

Optimum adhesion and removal properties

The adhesive system, adhesive formula and adhesive strength level are always optimally adjusted to the properties of the corresponding coating. In this way, we guarantee consistent adhesion over the entire application period, with easy, removal, kind to the surface, without leaving any adhesive residues.

Perfect performance in processing

Because our protective films for household appliances are also extremely puncture and tear resistant, they can withstand all mechanical stresses during processing. They can even withstand any deformation without peeling off. Even demanding processes such as bending, punching and folding are no problem for them.

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Productivity and quality – no no need to settle for less

Our protective films combine process efficiency and quality assurance

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