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Protection films
for plastic sheets

We protect the entire range

  • Wide range of applications
    through the use of co-extruded & adhesive-coated solutions
  • Specialist high performance films
    For thermoformable plastic sheets
  • Guaranteed protection during processing
    Ensuring the highest quality through to the finished product

Industry-leading protection solutions

Optimally tailored to your plastics and requirements

During thermal forming, cutting, drilling, sawing, processing and manufacturing, plastic surfaces are placed under increased stress. It is vital therefore that during these processes, they must be effectively protected against damage. POLIFILM PROTECTION’s decades of experience guarantee the protection of your plastic surfaces, having served this industry with tried and tested solutions for many years. Our films protect against damage during every aspect of processing whilst at the same time preventing unnecessary production waste.

As the global market leader in protective films, we are your reliable development partner in the industry and provide protection solutions for the entire spectrum of self-adhesive surface protection. Our solutions are formulated to assure the performance of our films over time. We provide the know-how to develop the right solution that prevents problems occurring and guarantees simple, residue free removal of the protective film. POLIFILM’s decentralised R&D teams never stop engineering new and customised solutions that meet ever changing needs.

Whichever plastic surface you need to protect :
We have the right solution.

Optimum protection. For any plastic.

Not only are the surfaces of polycarbonate, acrylic and PVC sheets optimally protected at all times with our protective films, we also offer the right protection solution for numerous other technical plastics. For example, for the temporary surface protection of PS, PET and ABS sheets, glass fibre reinforced plastic (GRP) or composite sheets made of PMMA/ABS and PC/ABS.

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Our range for download:


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Increased efficiency
– for a wide range of plastics

Do you use a variety of different plastic polymers in the production of your gloss surfaces? Then we have a solution for you that will make your production even more efficient and cost effective. Our innovative, co-extruded protective film not only reliably protects your glossy surfaces from damage, it can also be used on a whole range of plastics – whether PMMA, PC, PS or PET.

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Diverse product concepts

We offer the full range of self-adhesive surface protection solutions


Our multi-layer cast co-extruded protection films, having an integrated adhesive layer, adhere to every conceivable plastic surface due to their unique formulation which consistently guarantees residue free removal following the processing of your products.

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Adhesive Coated

As a result of our diverse range of possible combinations of adhesive systems, either water based or solvent based acrylics, or natural rubber adhesives, as well as our tailor-made carrier films, we protect the most diverse and demanding requirements for any application.

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Surface protection
– that is anything but superficial

Did you know that the concept of protection doesn’t just stop at the surface for us? We take it a step further and provide solutions that also impress in terms of sustainability. For instance, the PE-based films we use are up to 100% recyclable Additionally, we are pleased to offer a selected range of of films based on renewable raw materials, providing optimum protection whilst simultaneously reducing CO2 emissions.


Now even more sustainable! We can now offer you the usual high quality surface protection in films with recycled content. By choosing these protective films, you opt for the usual POLIFILM high-quality product but also make an active contribution to sustainability.

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