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Protective Films
for Polycarbonate (PC)

Your sheets – optimally protected during production and processing

Surfaces protected. Quality assured.

Rely on the know-how of POLIFILM PROTECTION.

Whether in construction, electronics, advertising or in the transportation sector, sheets and films made of polycarbonate (PC) are the material of choice for a wide range of technical and optical applications. This is because polycarbonate combines many advantageous properties; it is very transparent, practically unbreakable and withstands high temperatures. It is also very light and therefore easy to process. However, polycarbonate is particularly sensitive and

can be easily scratched but with POLIFILM PROTECTION quality does not have to be compromised! Our high performance protective films help you avoid complaints and rejections. Our co-extruded and adhesive coated film solutions safely and reliably protect high-quality polycarbonate products from damage before and during processing, thermal forming, and all the way through to assembly. All perfectly tailored to your specific requirements.

The right protection for every polycarbonate application

Comprehensive, tailor-made protection solutions.

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Protective paper replacement in a film

Optimum surface protection when flame polishing polycarbonate

Protective paper is a popular method to protect polycarbonate surfaces from damage during CNC machining and flame polishing. POLIFILM PROTECTION offers you the perfect alternative, self-adhesive protective films with a paper look. The advantage: The co-extruded protective films are not only extremely robust and scratch-resistant, they are also thermoformable and moisture resistant, unlike a paper product.  

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