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Your furniture surface optimally protected

Our temporary surface protection covers the entire range of possibilities

  • Protection for all commonly used finishing films
    such as PVC, PP, and PET films
  • Optimal protection for every texture
    whether smooth or deeply embossed, super matte or high gloss
  • Designed for your process
    ideal for 1D, 2D, and 3D processing

These solutions ensure more than just a good first impression

Our self-adhesive films provide protection during processing

Whether for a classic appearance or a modern contemporary surface, thermoplastic foils are the ideal solution for designing furniture, wall and ceiling elements, as well as doors. They offer a wide range of decors and embossing

options to visually and tactilely enhance surfaces.We provide you with a tailored temporary surface protection solution, from thermoforming to lamination and surface bonding, that safely protects your product through to the final result.

Our range of services

Tailored to processing ( 1D | 2D | 3D )

  • Compatible with any paint finish
    from commonly used topcoat systems to innovative
    special coatings, e.g., Anti-Fingerprint features
  • Perfect adhesion
    thanks to versatile adhesive systems and precisely
    defined adhesive strengths
  • Optimum protection
    during processing, withstands all thermal
    and mechanical stresses
  • No rework needed
    easy, residue-free removal in one piece
    – without tearing

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Optimal adhesion on every surface texture

A high quality self-adhesive protective film adheres securely throughout the entire application period, without premature partial detachment, and can still be removed effortlessly and without leaving any residue. To achieve this, even with demanding surfaces, our application technicians precisely tailor the adhesive system and adhesion level to the embossing depth and paint finish of your surface. This results in a gentle and reliable protection for your furniture surface.

Would you like to learn more? We will be happy to advise you!

Tear-resistant, strong adhesion, and easy to remove

designed for use in laminating wood-based materials

1D – Surface Lamination

Our protective films exhibit extremely high tear and puncture resistance even under intense mechanical stress, while our adhesive systems ensure excellent adhesion. This makes the self-adhesive solutions ideal for protecting film laminated panels during further processing, including cutting, drilling, and milling.

2D – Heat Forming

Our temperature-resistant protective films are designed for two-dimensional forming and have optimal protective properties tailored to processing on postforming and lamination systems. The films provide an ideal balance between required adhesion and optimal removability, without tearing.

3D – Thermoforming

Made for use on membrane and vacuum presses. Our premium solutions meet every process requirement even in deep and complex thermoforming. They impress with their temperature resistance even at extremely high temperatures, without tearing or leaving film residues on the thermoforming tool.

Clear quality

Our transparent protective films are your solution during production preparation and manufacturing. They prevent costly mix-ups by enabling visual inspection during processing, helping to reduce rejection rates, as errors
can be promptly identified.

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