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Protective Films for
High-Pressure Laminates

Always optimally protected

  • Ideal for all decorative laminates
    whether HPL, CPL, or compact panel
  • Suitable for every surface finish
    by choosing the appropriate adhesive system based
    on acrylic or natural rubber
  • Optimal protection for every process
    from flat lamination to temperature intensive postforming

For high quality that speaks for itself

Customized solutions for HPL laminates

When it comes to furniture, countertops, doors, wall cladding, or modern facades, High-Pressure Laminates (HPL) feature. They are durable, easy to maintain, and offer versatile options for décor and texture. For a flawless end result, it is essential to protect the HPL sheets from the first processing steps throughout the entire value chain.

We understand this and offer manufacturers and processors of HPL sheets a comprehensive portfolio of self-adhesive protective films. Our surface protection solutions provide optimal protection for various surface finishes and different accompanying production techniques, ensuring reliable protection from processing through to the final product.

Your advantages at a glance

Our range of services

  • Secure adhesion without detachment
    even at corners or edges
  • Extremely resilient
    to any mechanical stresses due to high puncture and tear resistance
  • Temperature resistant
    developed to withstand thermal stresses during postforming
  • Easy to remove
    quick, residue-free removal without tearing
  • Clear quality thanks to transparent solutions
    for constant quality control in the ongoing processing and easy identification of the correct panel design

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Tailored properties for every requirement

Optimal surface adhesion – for every texture

The optimum surface protection for any look

The optimal surface protection for every look. For the uniqueness of high-pressure laminate sheets, textures play a crucial role. They showcase the decor perfectly and give the panel design a special tactile character. From super matte to high gloss, to realistic wood effect, stone textures and rough surfaces, we offer the right surface protection for every texture. Our application technicians tailor the respective adhesive systems and corresponding adhesive forces specifically to your application.

Both the surface texture of the HPL sheet and the chemical compatibility of the adhesive formulation with functional special finishes, such as Anti-Fingerprint, are taken into account. The result: optimal adhesion of the film throughout the entire application period.

Robust & Resilient – at every processing step

Drilling, sawing, milling and more,  the various processing steps are a tough test for the durability and adhesion of a protective film. Therefore, in developing our solutions, we focus on excellent puncture, tear, and abrasion resistance. We achieve this with unique formulations that precisely and individually adapt the mechanical and thermal properties of surface protection to your processing requirements.

Developed for Postforming
our high-temperature resistant solutions for increased process efficiency

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Compact Laminate Sheets

Optimally protected for interior and exterior applications

Compact panels are preferably used in highly stressed areas, including wall cladding in public buildings but also in the design of external facades by the construction industry. For those compact panels exposed to the weather, we offer protective films that are as weather resistant as your application requires.

Quality assurance

Our transparent solutions

Transparent protective films allow inspection to ensure the correct décor has been selected, preventing costly mix-ups and allow visual control during processing. This ensures errors are promptly recognized, and the scrap rate is reduced.

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