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Protection films
for deep drawing

Formable, tear resistant with strong adhesion – ideal for deep drawing processes

The shape changes. The protection remains the same.

Our protective films can withstand extreme deep drawing.

Thanks to special adhesive and film formulations, our deep drawing films have all the prerequisites to withstand the forces that occur during deep drawing. They not only withstand the forming process, but they also optimally adhere to the surface after processing due unique restoring forces and adhesive properties, ensuring the surface is optimally protected.

In addition to uncompromising surface protection, our deep drawing films also ensure greater efficiency and process reliability. Our coloured transparent deep drawing films allow a quick visual inspection during processing and our deep drawing films with easy peel properties, enable significantly higher removal speeds, thereby improving process efficiency and reliability.

Deep-drawing films from POLIFILM PROTECTION

Advantages during  production

  • Excellent elasticity during forming processes
  • Assured adhesion guaranteed
  • Optimum adhesion for the most demanding processes
  • Residue free removal
  • Tear resistant– no tearing at the edges
  • Homogeneous film quality – virtually gel free
  • Oil and moisture resistant
  • 100% recyclable Polyolefin films

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Our deep-drawing solutions at a glance

Customised properties to suit every requirement

Light deep drawing

Low drawing depths. Wide radii.

Polyethylene based protective films for light deep drawing processes ensure an optimal balance between the required adhesive strength and release properties. They are gel free, tearproof, are resistant to oil and moisture, and can be removed cleanly without the risk of leaving any residue. As a result of their natural rubber based adhesive they are also fully recyclable.

Heavy deep drawing

Deep drawing depths. Tight radii.

Our polyolefin based “V” deep drawing films with their rubber based adhesive system are suitable for any process requirement, especially heavy deep drawing. They offer optimal protection during production and processing. They contain minimal gel levels and offer excellent elasticity whilst adhering to even the most demanding surface shape without tearing at the edges.

Continuous protection

From production through to the end customer

POLIFILM PROTECTION’s polyolefin protective film, specially optimised for long term protection, has an extremely low memory effect that was previously only possible with PVC based protective films. Our film adheres securely and reliably during the entire processing period and beyond, all the way to the end user without wrinkling, tearing or peeling whether with large drawing depths and tight radii, complex deep drawing processes, multi stage, staggered processing steps or, for example when processing steel with a linen finish.

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Total deep-drawing protection with Easy-Peel effect

Fast, safe, residue free removal immediately after the forming process with our process optimised protective films for light and heavy deep drawing. Ideal for short production processes and fully automated pressing lines. Proven protection during the production of domestic appliances.

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