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Develop your own picture of your future!

Your internship at POLIFILM

Internship as a Discovery Opportunity

Get to know the company and its employees through an internship

Possibility and Perspective Combined

An internship provides you with the opportunity to get to know our company, our products and what we offer such as our training programs, in more detail. POLIFILM is a global company with numerous opportunities for you to find the right path for your future during an internship!

Your Benefits During an Internship

  • Insights into the workings
    of a global company
  • Personalized internship certificate
    tailored to your specific tasks with us
  • Opportunity for future employment with POLIFILM
    your gateway into an international company

Five Positives about Plastic, Five Reasons to work at POLIFILM

The reasons for sustainable plastic solutions are as numerous as the reasons to work at POLIFILM. We not only focus on the development of new product solutions but also on the development of our employees.

  • 1 | Sustainable
    When used responsibly and recycled, plastic is more environmentally friendly than supposedly more sustainable alternatives.
  • 2 | Versatile
    From soft and flexible to strong and puncture resistant, plastic is versatile and universally applicable.
  • 3 | Hygienic, Lightweight, and Durable
    Plastic reliably protects medical products from contamination and reduces CO2 emissions during transport.
  • 4 | Practical Everyday Solutions
    Thanks to plastic, we can use lightweight, energy efficient, and power saving electronic devices every day.
  • 5 | Less Waste
    Plastic packaging protects food from contamination and spoilage, helping to reduce food waste.

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Our Philosophy

Achieving Success Together

We place a strong emphasis on a professional, trusting, family atmosphere. As a global company, we are in search of visionaries, who are keen to explore new opportunities and pursue new goals together. We invest in the future, dedicating significant time and resources to the training of our employees, our future specialists and management.

We are investing in the future

Your impression matters to us

  • Qualified introduction to company processes
  • Respectful and professional interaction with colleagues
  • Expert knowledge directly from specialists in their respective fields

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