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Protection for Aluminium

One of the most versatile materials
– reliably protected

  • Optimum adhesion
    Consistent and dependable adhesion during application 
  • Efficient processing
    Excellent deformation characteristics during processing
  • Residue-free removal
    Easy and residue free removal without reworking

Aluminium is almost everywhere

POLIFILM PROTECTION surface protection solutions are the answer

Aluminium is a universal material. Hardly any industry can do without it, from transportation, architecture, construction, mechanical engineering to design, household appliances, leisure and electrical engineering. Its light weight properties make it extremely popular. POLIFILM PROTECTION has a

wide range of protective films for aluminium surfaces. Whether for signs, facades, housing, furniture or any other applications, our protective films  effectively protect sensitive aluminium surfaces from scratches, abrasion, dirt and moisture during processing and assembly.

The perfect choice

An ideal solution for your requirements

For every production requirement

The adhesive system and strength of our protective films are precisely matched to the requirements of your aluminium surfaces. In this way, we guarantee optimal adhesion during processing and beyond. In addition to rubber adhesives, we use water based adhesives, which can be adapted with Easy Peel properties.

For every aluminium surface:

  • Mill-finished aluminium surfaces
  • Glossy and mirror finish surfaces
  • Anodised aluminium surfaces
  • Matt and textured surfaces

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Expertise as standard

Specialist protection for high gloss aluminium

Soft, high quality aluminium is extremely sensitive. That’s why it needs sophisticated high quality protection. The quality of the protective film is particularly important here. We have therefore developed protective films where the backing film and adhesive application are extremely homogeneous and low in impurities as even the smallest adhesive particles or film inclusions would damage the sensitive metal surface when it is put under mechanical stress. Our film solutions guarantee perfect protection, optimum adhesion and easy removal without bending the metal or leaving any residue.

Guaranteed protection during processing

For your valuable aluminium surfaces

The challenge: industrial production

In industrial manufacturing  of aluminium components or the assembly of the final product, both manual and mechanical/automatic processing go hand in hand. During these processes aluminium surfaces are sometimes subjected to intensive stresses before they can finally be stored or transported to their destination. That is why our surface protection films for aluminium offer excellent formability and are puncture and tear resistant to enable them to withstand such stresses.

Protect your surfaces when:

  • Bending, Punching, Embossing
  • Drilling, Cutting, Roll forming
  • Deep drawing
  • Laser cutting

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Premium solutions for aluminium

Premium laser protection

For highly reflective aluminium, the POLIFILM laser protection film PF84C significantly improves absorption and increases cutting efficiency. 

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Aluminium ProFile Protection

Our product range offers a variety of solutions for the protection of anodised and powder-coated aluminium profiles

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More options to increase productivity

Sophisticated properties for efficient
processing – the Easy-Peel Effect

Depending on the process requirements, you may need protective films that can be removed quickly, easily and without leaving any residue. That’s why we have developed high performance protective films with an easy-peel effect. As the name suggests, they are quick and easy to remove without leaving any residue.

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