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More than just Recycling

Circular economy from a single source

Responsibly moving forward together

– that is the guiding principle of POLICYCLE. With the latest subgroup, we are closing the circle and combining all the elements of modern recycling management under a single umbrella. With POLICYCLE, the recycling specialist and disposal company we can produce films with recycled material as well as the subsequent return of used films to the material cycle. Creating new film solutions from old.

Highlights at a glance

  • Circular economy from a single source
    From film production to recirculation, recycling and the use of the regranulate in new films
  • Working together with our customers
    including on-site consulting regarding joint recycling concepts
  • Recycling of coated materials
    such as self-adhesive protective films, agricultural stretch or label films
  • Equalcycling is our target
    Use of the recovered recyclate in the same film solution or comparable films wherever possible

The concept

After production and use most films, especially coated ones are often destined for thermal recycling, which is an expensive solution for the disposing company and even more costly to the environment. With POLICYCLE, there is an alternative solution. Organized waste management, state-of-the-art recycling and the aim of returning re-granulate to (equivalent) film applications are the benchmarks of this new concept. Get an idea of the individual process steps, services and your personal advantages now.

The benefits to you

POLICYCLE offers you and your customers numerous benefits, all contributing to sustainability and environmental responsibility as well as operational efficiency. Get an idea of the short-term and long-term successes now.

  • Reduced carbon footprint
    at both product and company level
  • Optimization of operational efficiency
    due to harmonized disposal processes
  • Circular economy beyond plastics
    wherever possible, for example with pallets and packaging

Interested? Inquire now and learn more

We were already involved in recycling long before it became popular, because it signifies the future of plastics.


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