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Protection films
for glass surfaces

Tailor-made formulation for all types of glass

  • Flat glass
  • Acid-etched glass 
  • Insulating glazing 
  • Mirrors
  • Lacquered glass
  • Glass with functional coatings
  • Thermally toughened safety glass (TSG)
  • Laminated safety glass (LSG)  

Glass is versatile. So is our portfolio.

Protection for every location

Glass is everywhere. Whether in public spaces, at home or at work. It is used in window construction and façade design, as well as in mirrors and furniture. As flat glass, it is used for glazing in buildings, interior design, automotive or solar panel production. Effective protection against scratches and damage is essential for all producers.

Prevents damages

Glass is very versatile, but delicate: impacts, knocks and extreme pressures can lead to breakages and hard objects can scratch the fragile surface. These risks are present throughout the entire chain from production to installation and beyond especially when renovation or facade work is to be carried out at a later stage. With our specialised protective films, we protect the complete life cycle of glass.

Matched to every requirement

Our versatile range

Our range includes opaque, translucent and coloured transparent cast extrusion films and adhesive coated protective films, providing an ideal solution for every conceivable requirement. We can provide tailor-made protection solutions for glass manufacturing, processing, window construction, renovation and façade work.

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Highly specialised film solutions

Specially developed protective film solutions for the production and processing of glass

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The benefits to you as a glass manufacturer

Reduced costs, increased efficiency, assured quality

Protective films from POLIFILM PROTECTION ensure quality without the need for reworking, from production to final acceptance. Available in widths of up to 3,220 mm, glass manufacturers can protect the 3,210 mm wide standard width with just one film width eliminating the need for time consuming and error prone overlapping laminating. The amount of material used is reduced and the formation of bubbles and tunnels is prevented.

Every detail considered  

Tailor-made solutions

To ensure optimum protection at all times, we match all components of the protective film to your product. We factor in the properties of the glass as well as the processing procedures, the desired duration of use and the required weather resistance. The overall result is a highly individual solution that guarantees protection and efficiency in equal measure.

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