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Carrier films for coating

Our solution for your permanent and non-permanent adhesive film systems

  • Your specialist for polyolefin based carrier films
    PE, PP and blended types
  • Suitable for various adhesive systems
    from solvent based variants to synthetic and natural rubber adhesive systems
  • Used in a wide range of applications
    from industrial to domestic applications

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The basis for your success

Our carrier films for coating

Whether it’s a protective solution, tape or decorative film, whatever your requirements, the selection of the carrier film creates the foundation for your success. At POLIFILM EXTRUSION, we have the formulation and technology for the perfect carrier film for permanent and temporary adhesive systems and we, unlike other suppliers, understand the needs and challenges of the coating process itself. Our proximity to one of the world’s leading protective film specialists, POLIFILM PROTECTION, makes this possible. Although, we are an independent company and guarantee you confidentiality, you benefit from our knowledge of your processes as well as the latest developments in the raw film market. Discover the range of solutions, including sustainable solutions, now.

The key advantages at a glance

  • Decades of experience
    and satisfied customers through group developments
  • Widest range of speciality films
    from highly transparent to laser cut film
  • Proven suitability for various adhesive systems
  • Guaranteed knowledge of protection
    Your processes are in the best hands
  • Patented solutions
    especially for thermoforming applications
  • Sustainable films
    material saving and with recycled content

Always the right match

Films for every adhesive system

Just as our films are suitable for use with all common coating processes such as Meyer bar, rotogravure and gap coating, they are also suitable for a wide variety of adhesive systems. This includes natural and synthetic rubber adhesives as well as water or solvent based acrylic adhesives. Did you know our CoEx films, offer you ready to use tacky solutions without the need for an additional coating step.

Widest range of carrier films

Expertise in more than one speciality. Discover the possibilities offered by our carrier films with widths of up to 3,300 mm available , as well as various colour options, we can provide you with carrier films with tailor-made properties for  special requirements. Find some examples.

Deep drawing films

No application places higher demands on a film than the deep drawing of stainless steel. Our proprietary solutions offer you the perfect combination of elasticity and robustness for this complex process.

Raw films for laser cutting processes

Whether stainless steel or aluminium, many surfaces require laser cutting. We have developed a special carrier film variant to cope with the high temperatures involved in the laser cutting processes.

Classic black & white films

Our black and white films, available in many variations, prevent light transmission on one side to protect coatings from UV radiation, with white on the other side to allow printing of customer logos or instructions.

Transparent carrier films

Our transparent carrier films provide the basis for the perfect look. They are characterized by an extreme clarity as well as by their impressive high-gloss effect. The ideal solution for films used for white goods and decorative applications.

Resource saving solutions

In our downgauging range, you will find cost efficient solutions from 17µm. We have made significant changes to the thickness profile in order to provide you with resource saving films that still meet your exacting requirements in terms of film properties. Ideal as raw film for fleece lamination and carpet protection applications.

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