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We protect your surfaces

Self-adhesive protective films. For every industry and application.

POLIFILM PROTECTION. Your expert for protective films.

Decades of providing optimum surface protection

About us

POLIFILM PROTECTION is second generation family owned global group. Since the early 1970’s we have been developing, producing and distributing high quality self-adhesive temporary film solutions for the protection of high quality surfaces. Today, we are the market leader in protective film solutions for our customers  in a wide range of industries, all over the world. With our years of experience, our excellent service and our high quality products, every day we guarantee quality, helping to minimise waste and contribute to safer, more efficient processes.

What we offer

  • Versatile product portfolio
    Protection solutions for all applications and industries
  • Customised special solutions
    Innovative development and expert technical advice
  • Specialist knowledge
    In (co)extrusion, adhesive development and coating
  • Worldwide locations
    Production and sales locations around the globe
  • Quality assurance guaranteed
    Laboratory testing and analysis during production.

We are more than a producer. We are your partner.

Our attitude makes the difference.

Delivering an outstanding product is only possible if you understand your customers’ business. For us, co-operation means more than just delivering a protective film product. We take time to understand our customers issues and help provide them with trusted solutions they can rely on.

From every idea we leave nothing to chance.

To be a market leader you need a product people can trust.

Extensive portfolio

We have the widest range of protective films on the market. Our portfolio has a suitable protective film solution for every surface, process requirement and application. If you need something different or special, we will develop an individually formulated solution for your needs.

Our product range

Constant development

We are constantly developing our products to meet new requirements, applications or surfaces. The years of experience of our application engineers is invaluable in this respect. Both traditional and new raw materials are constantly reviewed, evaluated and considered in order to create the optimum solution.

Our engineering

Quality Guaranteed

Quality is built into everything we do at POLIFILM. A certified, efficient quality management system during production ensures that we can provide you with consistent product quality at the highest level. In addition, ‘quality thinking’ is naturally in the mindset of our entire team.

Our quality management

Our approch to sustainability

With a variety of measures in place, we ensure that our products and our production are becoming increasingly more environmentally and climate friendly, whilst at the same time supporting our customers in improving their carbon footprints too.

Our engagement

Our certifications

Whether it’s an integrated management system, assured process, production conditions or transparency at product level – we ensure we keep our word and deliver on our promises to our customers and partners. This is precisely why we supplement our internal audits worldwide with independent, external audits.

Our certifications

We are your global partner close at hand

Our proximity to customers is our strength

We boast sales offices and production and development locations all over the globe. In addition, we have a large network of long standing, experienced distribution partners. The expertise and know-how of POLIFILM PROTECTION is always available to you wherever you are in the world.


In our news section you will find much more than just press releases. Take a look and get an idea of our new products and innovations as well as upcoming events and trade fairs or browse through the interviews with our top management on the topics that matter to us and, in all likelihood, you too.

News from POLIFILM


Careers with prospects in a family environment, worldwide, that’s what POLIFILM can offer. Whether you are just starting your career or well established in the workplace, if you appreciate a good working environment and want to forward your career with us, you will find a suitable opportunity with POLIFILM.

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