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PE & PP mono solutions

Our solutions for mono-material packaging

  • Designed for recycling
    replacement of Aluminium and PET in laminates
  • An optimum solution for each layer
    all from one source
  • Ready to use solution
    for use without lamination

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Our solutions for mono-material packaging

Designed for Recycling

The demand for more environmentally friendly and recyclable packaging is becoming increasingly important to society, not least as a result of the European Plastics Strategy. Mono-material solutions, also known as mono-material packaging, offer packaging manufacturers a significant starting point for meeting this demand. This is because designing flexible packaging solutions to be as pure as possible allows them to be designed for recycling. And this is precisely where our constantly growing portfolio of films for mono-material solutions comes in.

All from one single source

  • PE & PP solutions
  • For every layer of the laminate
  • All in one solutions for pouches without lamination. Ready to use.
  • Adhesive free systems
  • With and without EVOH barrier

The advantages at a glance

  • Maximum Sealing window
    between 44°C and 58°C
  • High production speeds
    for optimized throughput
  • Early Lower sealing temperatures
    PE with SIT starting at 86°C, PP SIT starting at 106°C
    certified raw materials as an option

An optimum solution for every layer

Creating new standards

We offer you the right film solution for every layer of your mono-material laminate.

Printing films for reverse printing

As PE solution

  • gloss or matte effect
  • high water vapour barrier
  • gravure printing compatibility
  • MDO with EVOH

As PP solution

  • Sterilizable with low shrinkage compared to BOPP

Interlayer films for triplex laminate
your options

  • Increased stiffness
  • Barrier properties

Sealing Films Benefits
your options

  • Low sealing point
  • Peelable sealing (easy peel)  &  permanent sealing
  • Adjustable COF
  • Oxygen & water vapour barrier
  • White colouring, antistatic treatment and much more

As PP solution, additionally:

  • sterilizable

Would you like to learn more? We are happy to advise you!

The highlights

Our range of mono-material solutions is diverse. Below is just a small selection of our exciting solutions.

PP Ready to use film

One material. One film. Also available without lamination.

Mono-material. One film. One ready to use solution. – Can be processed on all standard machines without any modification.

In addition to the existing portfolio, our ready to use films are not only suitable for lamination but can also be separately customised for example by sealing and processed into bags. This is made possible by the special temperature stability. But that’s not all, the films can also be printed using surface printing. This makes them an all-in-one, ready to use, single material solution.

PP sealing lid film with EVOH barrier

Ideal for the Fresh Food industry

Approved by leading meat processors, this PP film with EVOH barrier not only impresses with its smooth processing properties on FFS machines, low SIT and wide sealing window, but also provides targeted support in optimising the recyclability of packaging. It can also be equipped with anti-fog properties on request.

Sealing lid film – ideal for meat and cheese packaging

PP sealing film for sterilization

Ideal for the Wet Pet Food industry

For mono-material packaging in the pet food sector

Designed for processing on high-speed pouch lines, this PP sealing film has been successfully tested by well-known brands and is specially manufactured for packaging solutions that need to be sterilised. With its low SIT and wide sealing window it helps to increase the recyclability of pouch solutions.

Room temperature laminating film

No heat or adhesive necessary

This award-winning solution ensures stable (mono-material) laminates without the need for adhesive or thermal lamination. It can be activated by corona treatment and has a wide range of applications as a film for pouches and pillow packs, as well as an overlaminate for printed products or labels.

The challenge with films for mono-material packaging

A question of design

One of the challenges in the design of single-material packaging is the replacement of established substrates such as PET, OPA or, in the case of PE-based mono-material packaging , OPP with polyolefinic substrates. Amongst other things, the sealing window and the hot tack must remain as wide as possible depending on the sealing process, despite the significantly lower melting temperature of such polymers, so that this type of packaging can also perform well during processing on conventional packaging machines.

Our solution

We combine the outer polyolefin films (print carrier) with sealing layers that have the lowest possible sealing initiation temperature (SIT). We always ensure that, in addition to the sealing properties, the other known properties of the packaging solution you produce, such as transparency, rigidity and sterilizability, are retained and uncompromised.

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